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Eighteenth Century English Literature

Sussman, Charlotte

Cultural History of Literature


1. Auflage Oktober 2011
200 Seiten, Softcover
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ISBN: 978-0-7456-2515-7
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This engaging book introduces new readers of eighteenth-century texts to some of the major works, authors, and debates of a key period of literary history. Rather than simply providing a chronological survey of the era, this book analyzes the impact of significant cultural developments on literary themes and forms - including urbanization, colonial, and mercantile expansion, the emergence of the "public sphere," and changes in sex and gender roles.

In eighteenth-century Britain, many of the things we take for granted about modern life were shockingly new: women appeared for the first time on stage; the novel began to dominate the literary marketplace; people entertained the possibility that all human beings were created equal, and tentatively proposed that reason could triumph over superstition; ministers became more powerful than kings, and the consumer emerged as a political force. Eighteenth-Century English Literature: 1660-1789 explores these issues in relation to well-known works by such authors as Defoe, Swift, Pope, Richardson, Gray, and Sterne, while also bringing attention to less familiar figures, such as Charlotte Smith, Mary Leapor, and Olaudah Equiano. It offers both an ideal introduction for students and a fresh approach for those with research interests in the period.

Acknowledgements vi

Introduction 1

1 National Identity and a National Literature 9

2 Print Culture and the Public Sphere 41

3 The City 63

4 The Countryside 90

5 Individuality and Imagination 114

6 Religious Experience 136

7 Female Sexuality and Domesticity 156

8 Wit and Sensibility 185

9 Trade and Travel 205

10 Colonialism and Slavery 232

Notes 262

Index 280
"an admirably lucid and up-to-date guide to thefield"
The Year's Work in English Studies

"Sussman's study of 18th-century literature is very readable andclear as it is free from obfuscating theoretical jargon. Itaddresses a large market of general as well as academic readers,and even experienced and widely-read scholars and teachers, ever indanger of dogmatic stasis, will profit enormously from its newreadings and occasional provocations"

"Professor Sussman has written an admirably lucid, lively bookwhich conveys an enormous amount of up-to-the minute scholarshipwith concision, elegance, and lightness of touch. The book combineswell selected thematic discussions and detailed readings ofessential texts, with fascinating historical material in ways thatwill answer the readers' questions and open out vistas for furtherreading and research. A valuable introduction to the literature ofthis period for undergraduate and postgraduate readers."
Karen O'Brien University of Warwick

"Eighteenth-Century English Literature by CharlotteSussman is an outstanding introduction to eighteenth-centuryliterature: sophisticated, contemporary, but also accessible. Thebook would make a wonderful supplement to a course oneighteenth-century literature, either graduate or undergraduate,and offers much of interest to the curious general reader aswell."
Laura Rosenthal, University of Maryland
Charlotte Sussman is Associate Professor of English at Duke University

C. Sussman, Duke University