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Fundamentals of Mental Health Nursing

An Essential Guide for Nursing and Healthcare Students

Clifton, Andrew / Hemingway, Steve / Felton, Anne / Stacey, Gemma (eds.)



1. Auflage November 2017
536 Seiten, Softcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd
Clifton, Andrew / Hemingway, Steve / Felton, Anne / Stacey, Gemma (Herausgeber)

ISBN: 978-1-118-88021-0
John Wiley & Sons

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Fundamentals of Mental Health Nursing is an accessible evidence-based introduction to the role of the mental health nurse. This comprehensive overview explores concepts of mental health and distress, ethics and accountability, key nursing models to be aware of, and the prevalence, predisposing factors and features of the most commonly occurring mental health problems.

* Places mental health conditions and interventions within a wider holistic context
* Situates Recovery at the centre of mental health nursing practice
* Links key concepts to mental health across the lifespan
* Contains learning outcomes in each chapter and includes scenarios and vignettes to root concepts in real-life practice

Information is placed in a practice context from the outset, making this an essential guide to both the theory and the practice of mental health nursing. It is ideal for students on courses relating to mental health care, as well as for registered nurses and health care practitioners looking to revise their knowledge of key concepts.


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Part 1 Fundamentals of Mental Health Nursing

Chapter 1 What is mental health?
Anne Felton, Gemma Stacey, Steve Hemingway and Andrew Clifton

Chapter 2 The policy context of mental health nursing in the UK
Karen Ozden

Chapter 3 Models and values of mental health nursing practice
Gemma Stacey

Chapter 4 Legal and ethical frameworks for mental health nursing practice
Alastair Morgan and Nigel Plant

Chapter 5 Facilitating evidence based practice
Karen-Leigh Edward

Chapter 6 Co-production: facilitating recovery with service users
Andrew Clifton and Jane Noble

Chapter 7 Communication and interpersonal skills 1: an introduction
Steve Lyon

Part 2 Mental Health Problems and Therapeutic Interventions

Chapter 8 Commonly occurring mental health problems
Andrew Ramtohul and Jo Higman

Chapter 9 Serious mental health problems
Jo Fox

Chapter 10 Organic mental health problems
Alan Pringle

Chapter 11 People with learning disabilities and mental health
Stacey Atkinson

Chapter 12 Substance misuse
Jane McGregor and Paul Cassedy

Chapter 13 Eating disorders
Fiona Joanne Trotter

Chapter 14 Personality disorder
Andrew Milligan and Cholena Mountain

Chapter 15 Communication and interpersonal skills 2: emotional engagement
Theo Stickley, Julie Gosling and Caroline Fox

Chapter 16 Cognitive behavioural therapy
Philip Kinsella

Chapter 17 Psychodynamic and other talking therapies
James Turner and John Wren

Chapter 18 Basics of psychopharmacology
Rebecca Burgess-Dawson and Stephen Hemingway

Chapter 19 Assessment and therapeutic management of risk
Danielle Brady

Chapter 20 Working with self-harm and suicide
Charley Baker

Chapter 21 Mental health promotion
Sandra Moran

Part 3 Mental Health Nursing and the Lifespan

Chapter 22 Mental health and children, adolescents and younger people
Richard Glover and Jo Kilgariff

Chapter 23 Mental health and adults
Ruth Brown, Kat Munn and Vikki Wilford

Chapter 24 Mental health in later life
Michaela Mallon

Part 4 Recovery in the Context of Mental Health Services

Chapter 25 Applying recovery based principles in practice
Ros Masamha

Chapter 26 Community based mental health services in action
Gary Payne, Kevin Somerton and Alyson Leeks

Chapter 27 In-patient services
Tim Carter and Nicola Wright

Chapter 28 Working with family and friends
Karen Machin and Emma Watson

Chapter 29 Embracing mental health and physical healthcare
Sheila Hardy and Jacquie White

Chapter 30 Clinical supervision for the new supervisee
Paul Cassedy


Dr Andrew Clifton is a Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences at De Montfort University.

Dr Stephen Hemingway is a Senior Lecturer in Mental Health Nursing at the University of Huddersfield.

Dr Anne Felton is Associate Professor in Mental Health and Social Care and Dr Gemma Stacey is Associate Professor in Mental Health and Social Care, both at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at the University of Nottingham.