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Smart Grid using Big Data Analytics

A Random Matrix Theory Approach

Qiu, Robert C. / Antonik, Paul


1. Auflage März 2017
632 Seiten, Hardcover
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ISBN: 978-1-118-49405-9
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This book is aimed at students in communications and signal processing who want to extend their skills in the energy area. It describes power systems and why these backgrounds are so useful to smart grid, wireless communications being very different to traditional wireline communications.



Some Notation

1 Introduction

Part I Fundamentals of Big Data

2 The Mathematical Foundation of Big Data Systems

3 Large Random Matrices: An Introduction

4 Linear Spectral Statistics of the Sample Covariance Matrix

5 Large Hermitian Random Matrices and Free Random Variables

6 Large Non-Hermitian Random Matrices and Quatartenionic Free Probability Theory

7 The Mathematician Foundation of Data Collection

8 Matrix Hypothesis Testing Using Large Random Matrices

Part II Smart Grid

9 Applications and Requirements of Smart Grid

10 Technical Challenges for Smart Grid

11 Big Data for Smart Grid

12 Grid Monitoring and State Estimation

13 False Data Injection Attacks against State Estimation

14 Demand Response

Part III Communications and Sensing

15 Big Data for Communications

16 Big Data for Sensing

A Some Basic Results on Free Probability

B Matrix-Valued Random Variables
Robert Caiming Qiu, Professor, Dept. of ECE, Tennessee Technological University, Cookeville, TN, USA. Professor Qiu was Founder-CEO and President of Wiscom Technologies, Inc., manufacturing and marketing WCDMA chipsets. Wiscom was acquired by Intel in 2003. Prior to Wiscom, he worked for GTE Labs, Inc. (now Verizon), Waltham, MA, and Bell Labs, Lucent, Whippany, NJ. He holds 5 U.S. patents (another two pending) in WCDMA. Professor Qiu has contributed to 3GPP and IEEE standards bodies, and delivered invited seminars to institutions including Princeton University and the U.S. Army Research Lab. Dr. Qiu was made an IEEE Fellow in 2014.

Dr. Paul Antonik, Chief Scientist, Information Directorate, Air Force Research Laboratory, Rome, N.Y., USA. Dr. Antonik serves as the directorate's principal scientific and technical adviser and primary authority for the technical content of the science and technology portfolio, providing principal technical oversight of a broad spectrum of information technologies.

R. C. Qiu, Tennessee Technological University, USA