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The Warren Buffett Way Video Course (Streaming)

Hagstrom, Robert G.


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ISBN: 978-1-118-79582-8
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In The Warren Buffett Way Video Course, author RobertHagstrom outlines the principles and strategies that have madeBuffett the greatest investor of our time. Hagstrom tracesBuffett's path from his childhood in Omaha, through hiscollege years and mentorship with Ben Graham, to the huge successof Buffett's investment partnership, and through the growthand evolution of Berkshire Hathaway. Along the way, Hagstromdescribes Buffett's twelve immutable tenets that a companymust meet to qualify as a potential investment and his philosophyabout holding stocks through the ups and downs of the stockmarket. He points out that Coca Cola, one of Buffett'sbest investments, actually underperformed the overall market inseveral years. The author of the bestselling book, TheWarren Buffett Way, Hagstrom makes a passionate case thatindividual investors can and should emulate Buffett'sinvestment approach and strategies. Specific topics addressedin the video include:
* What Buffett learned from Ben Graham, Phil Fisher, and CharlieMunger
* How Buffett evolved from a strict value investor to acombination of value and growth
* What behavioral finance tells us about the challenges oflong-term investing
* Buffett's behavioral, analytical, and organizational edgeover other investors

Narrated by Hagstrom, The Warren Buffett Way VideoSeminar is an eloquent and inspiring presentation ofBuffett's methods and how they can be applied by individualinvestors.