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Wiley Study Guide for 2018 CIMA Exam



1. Auflage September 2017
186 Seiten, Softcover
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ISBN: 978-1-119-42764-3
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Two exams, one course, no drama.

Whether you're studying for your Qualification or Certification exam, our study guide is an organized review of the key topics you will need to pass. Closely organized around the CIMA Examination Candidate Handbook to ensure you are grasping the important, related concepts as efficiently as possible.

Created by an expert instructor to help you connect topics across the curriculum and focus on the key weighted areas. This Study Guide breaks down the difficult concepts enabling you to learn more efficiently. Proven to help candidates understand, retain and master the CIMA curriculum.

* All learning objectives and definitions for the key terms contained in the CIMA® Examination Candidate Handbook
* Material organized to reflect the current Qualification and Certification Detailed Content Guide
* Clear and concise breakdown of both the Qualification and Certification exam weightings

About the Instructor vii

Welcome to CIMA Exam Review viii

Governance 1

IMCA Code of Professional Responsibility and Standards of Practice 3

Regulatory Considerations 27

Fundamentals 35

Statistics and Methods 37

Applied Finance and Economics 53

Global Capital Markets History and Valuation 71

Portfolio Performance and Risk Measurements 75

Attributes of Risk 77

Risk Measurements 79

Performance Measurement and Attribution 83

Traditional and Alternative Investments 89

Traditional Global Investments (Equity and Fixed Income) 91

Fixed-Income Vehicles 101

Foreign Exchange Market 107

Alternative Investments 109

Options, Futures, and Other Derivatives 117

Tools and Strategies Based on Technical Analysis 121

Portfolio Theory and Behavioral Finance 123

Portfolio Theories and Models 125

Behavioral Finance Theory 133

Investment Consulting Process 139

Client Discovery 141

Investment Policy Statement 147

Portfolio Risk Management Strategies 151

Manager Search, Selection, and Monitoring 155

Perform Portfolio Review and Revisions Process 167