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Transformer Ageing

Monitoring and Estimation Techniques

Saha, Tapan Kumar / Purkait, Prithwiraj (Editor)

Wiley - IEEE


1. Edition August 2017
472 Pages, Hardcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-23996-3
John Wiley & Sons

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A one-stop guide to transformer ageing, presenting industrially relevant state-of-the-art diagnostic techniques backed by extensive research data
* Offers a comprehensive coverage of transformer ageing topics including insulation materials, condition monitoring and diagnostic techniques
* Features chapters on smart transformer monitoring frameworks, transformer life estimation and biodegradable oil
* Highlights industrially relevant techniques adopted in electricity utilities, backed by extensive research

Preface vii

Acknowledgments xi

Contributing Authors xiii

1 Transformer Insulation Materials and Ageing 1

2 Overview of Insulation Diagnostics 35

3 Dielectric Response Measurements 81

4 Dissolved Gas Analysis Interpretation and Intelligent Machine Learning Techniques 211

5 Advanced Signal Processing Techniques for Partial Discharge Measurement 245

6 Frequency Response Analysis Interpretation for Winding Deformation of Power Transformers 303

7 Impact of Moisture and Remaining Life Estimation 329

8 Biodegradable Oils and their Impact on Paper Ageing 361

9 Smart Transformer Condition Monitoring and Diagnosis 403

10 Conclusions and Future Research 441

Index 445
"This book is a 'one stop' information provider for engineering students, practicing engineers and researchers. Through this book, readers can have access to knowledge gained by a top class research team through a sustained period of research.... A major strength of the book is that the contents are derived mostly from practical experience of the editors and the contributors during their decades of involvement in this field of research. There are ample numbers of graphs, tables, and illustrations to make this book easy to read and understand."
--Dr. Sivaji Chakravorti, FNAE, FNASc, SMIEEE, AvH Fellow, Director, National Institute of Technology, IEEE India Council Chair 2017
TAPAN KUMAR SAHA, University of Queensland, Australia

PRITHWIRAJ PURKAIT, Haldia Institute of Technology, India