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Risk Management

Lever for SME Development and Stakeholder Value Creation

Berard, Céline / Teyssier, Christine (Editor)


1. Edition November 2017
312 Pages, Hardcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-78630-165-9
John Wiley & Sons

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Risk management practices are growing both in number and complexity in businesses, notably driven by new regulatory standards that feature risk management at their core. Although large businesses are more likely to adopt a formal, holistic approach to risk management, the stakes are just as high for SMEs. Risk management in SMEs can contribute to a certain organizational, entrepreneurial and partnership dynamic which constitutes a real opportunity to evolve practices and improve performance. This book offers varied responses to this question by combining conceptual approaches, empirical illustrations and the associated managerial implications.

Part 1. Risk Management, Governance and Stakeholder Value Creation.

1. Role of the Governance Systemin Strategic Risk Management.

2. Integration of ISO 26000 International Standardby SMEs: Toward a Better Understanding of Risks.

3. Managing SMEs' Economic DependenceRisks: in Favor of Disciplinary and Relational Governance.

4. Reputation Risk: Anticipation and Management of Reputation Failure.

Part 2. Risk Management as a Lever for Organizational Development.

Chapter 5. Proactive Management of Operating Risks: A Lever to Improve External Funding for SMEs ?

6. Risk Management: A Lever for Organizational Change for SMEs?

7. Product Innovation in SMEs: Risk Identification Capacities.

8. Counterfeiting Risk Management forSMEs and Industrial SubcontractingActivities: A Literature Review.

Part 3. Risk Perception and Management by the Manager-Entrepreneur

9. Entrepreneurial Risk-taking and the Mentoring of Entrepreneurs: the Danger of Cognitive Biases.

10. From Necessity to Vulnerable Entrepreneur.

11. Entrepreneurial Approach in SMEs: Specificities, Vulnerabilities and Risks.

12. Perception Biases of Failure Risk among SME Managers.
Céline Bérard, University of Lyon (Lumière University Lyon 2), France Christine Teyssier, University of Lyon (Jean Monnet University), France