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Dowler, Elizabeth / Jones Finer, Catherine (Hrsg.)
Welfare of Food
Rights and Responsibilities in a Changing World
Broadening Perspectives in Social Policy

1. Auflage Mai 2003
32,90 Euro
2003. 180 Seiten, Softcover
- Wiley & Sons Ltd -
ISBN 978-1-4051-1245-1 - John Wiley & Sons

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The critical role of food in contemporary policy, in the UK, Europeand internationally, is explored in a comprehensive and readableaccount of current issues, including food rights, patenting,safety, aid, choice and poverty.
* This landmark collection explores the critical role of food incontemporary national and international policy.
* The contributors represent different professional and academicperspectives.
* The contributions challenge state, institutional and agencystructures and responses to food as a social policy issue.
* Most of the contributors write from an empirical researchbase.

Aus dem Inhalt

1 Joined-up Food Policy? The Trials of Governance, Public Policyand the Food System (David Barling, Tim Lang and MartinCaraher).

2 Patenting Our Future: Intellectual Property Rights and theGlobal Food System (Geoff Tansey).

3 The Evolution of Food Safety Institutions in the UK, EU andCodex Alimentarius (Eric Millstone and Patrick vanZwanenberg)

4 Food Safety and Consumers: Construction of Choice and Risk(Alizon Draper and Judith Green).

5 Food security: Rights, Livelihoods and the World FoodSummit-Five Years Later (Karim Hussein).

6 Food Banks and Food Security: Welfare Reform, Human Rights andSocial Policy. Lessons From Canada? (Graham Riches).

7 Food Aid in Complex Emergencies: Lessons From Sudan(Elizabeth Ojaba, Anne Itto Leonardo and Margaret IttoLeonardo).

8 School Meals Policy: The Problem With Governing Children(Ulla Gustafsson).

9 Food and Poverty in Britain: Rights and Responsibilities(Elizabeth Dowler).




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