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Cox, Carol / Hill, Marie (Hrsg.)
Professional Issues in Primary Care Nursing

1. Auflage Januar 2010
53,90 Euro
2010. 336 Seiten, Softcover
- Wiley & Sons Ltd -
ISBN 978-1-4051-8755-8 - John Wiley & Sons

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As both [practice and walk-in centre] nurses continue toadapt to the constant on-going change demanded by both the publicand the government paymasters they will face ever-growing selfquestioning about their role responsibilities and their need toremain competent, knowledgeable and safe practitioners.
From the foreword by Professor Dame Betty Kershaw, DBE, FRCN,Education Advisor, The Royal College of Nursing, President of theScholarship Society for Nurses and Midwives

This book enables nurses to get to grips with the professionalissues that affect their practice in primary care. It isstructured around the RCN domains of practice and considers a widevariety of issues including health promotion, reflective practiceand leadership. Part One sets the scene for the domains of practicewhich follow and considers the unique aspects of practice andwalk-in centre nursing. Part Two considers practical aspects ofeach of the RCN domains of practice in turn and is centred aroundnurse-patient relationships.
* Provides greater understanding of issues that affect the natureof practice
* Addresses the considerable changes in practice nursing andwalk-in centres
* Evidence-based but also contains personal experiences
* Suitable for nurses undertaking community specialistpractitioner degree courses, qualified practice nurses and walk-incentre staff

Aus dem Inhalt
Part I: Setting the Scene of Practice and Walk-in-Centre Nursing.

Chapter 1: The Historical Development of Practice Nursing and Walk-in-Centre Nursing.

Chapter 2: Practice Nursing: The unique nature of practice nursing.

Chapter 3: Walk-in-Centre Nursing: The unique nature of walk-in-centre practice.

Chapter 4: The Context of Practice Nursing and Walk-in-Centre Nursing: Domains of Practice and Competencies - setting the scene.

Part II: Domains of Practice.

Domain I: Management of Patient Health/Illness Status.

Chapter 5: Critical thinking and diagnostic reasoning in clinical decision making.

Chapter 6: Health education and health promotion.

Domain 2: The Nurse-Patient Relationship.

Chapter 7: Working with individual patients and groups: creating and strengthening relationships.

Chapter 8: Confidentiality, privacy and dignity: ethical, legal and cultural issues.

Domain 3: Education Function.

Chapter 9: Anticipatory guidance: National Service Frameworks.

Chapter 10: The creation of an environment for effective learning.

Domain 4: The Professional Role.

Chapter 11: Clinical Supervision: Reflective practice; learning through experience.

Chapter 12: Use of theory and research to inform practice.

Domain 5: Managing and Negotiating the Health Care Delivery System.

Chapter 13: Collaboration and working with the multidisciplinary team and agencies.

Chapter 14: Leadership and organisational decision making: the nurse's role in implementing policy and practice.

Domain 6: Monitoring and Ensuring Quality of Health Care Practice.

Chapter 15: The implications of the new GMS Contract.

Chapter 16: Art and science of providing quality nursing care in General Practice and Walk-in-Centre settings.

Domain 7: Respecting Culture and Diversity.

Chapter 17: Meeting the cultural and spiritual needs of patients in General Practice and Walk-in-Centre settings.

Chapter 18: Cultural diversity within the General Practice and Walk-in-Centre.



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