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Schermerhorn, John R.
Exploring Management

3. Auflage Mai 2012
245,- Euro
2012. 592 Seiten, Softcover
- Lehrbuch -
ISBN 978-0-470-87821-7 - John Wiley & Sons

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The primary goal of this edition of Exploring Managementis to help build core management competencies for today's global and more complex workplace, including issues related to planning, organizing, leading, and controlling (POLC) - with more hands-on type materials such as cases, exercises, and application. Schermerhorn uses a conversational and interactive writing style to master concepts in a bite-size and fundamental approach.

This text presents managerial concepts and theory in a straight-forward, interesting style with a strong emphasis on application. The discussion of theory is framed in a unique, engaging, and concise way. The goal is to promote critical thinking and ability to make sound business decisions using managerial theory. Concepts are explored and reinforced by most hands-on applications, exercises, cases, and the integration of technology. The text also focuses on the most important aspects of the POLC model, emphasizing skill-building.

Aus dem Inhalt
Chapter 1: Managers and the Management Process
Chapter 2: Management Learning
Chapter 3: Ethics and Social Responsibility
Chapter 4: Managers as Decision Makers
Chapter 5: Plans and Planning Techniques
Chapter 6: Controls and Control Systems
Chapter 7: Strategy and Strategic Management
Chapter 8: Organization Structure and Design
Chapter 9: Organizational Cultures, Innovation, and Change
Chapter 10: Human Resource Management
Chapter 11: Leadership
Chapter 12: Individual Behavior
Chapter 13: Motivation
Chapter 14: Teams and Teamwork
Chapter 15: Communication
Chapter 16: Diversity and Global Cultures
Chapter 17: Globalization and International Business
Chapter 18: Entrepreneurship and Small Business



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