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Weitere Bücher
Taylor, George J.
The Cardiology Rotation
ISBN 978-0-632-04352-1

Bolman, Lee G. / Gallos, Joan V.
Transforming Difficult Relationships at Work
ISBN 978-1-119-15083-1

Wehlburg, Catherine M. / Chadwick-Blossey, Sandra (eds.)
To Improve the Academy
Resources for Faculty, Instructional, and Organizational Development, Volume 22
ISBN 978-1-882982-65-3

ITDJ (Information Technology for Development Journal)
Information Technology for Development, Volume 12, Number 2
ISBN 978-0-7879-8647-6

Rapport, D. J. / Gaudet, Connie L. / Constanza, R. / Epstein, P. R. / Levins, R. (eds.)
Ecosystem Health
Principles and Practice
ISBN 978-0-632-04368-2

Harris, Sunny J.
Getting Started in Trading
ISBN 978-0-471-39507-2

Caferro, William
Contesting the Renaissance
ISBN 978-1-4051-2369-3

Chen, E. C. M. / Chen, E. S. D.
The Electron Capture Detector and The Study of Reactions With Thermal Electrons
ISBN 978-0-471-32622-9

Walsh, Philip / Fletcher, Paul
Gas Turbine Performance
ISBN 978-0-632-06434-2

Altenpohl, Dietrich G. (ed.)
Technology, Applications and Environment: A Profile of a Modern Metal Aluminum from Within
ISBN 978-0-87339-406-2

Robert D. Herman & Associates / Heimovics, Richard D.
Executive Leadership in Nonprofit Organizations
New Strategies for Shaping Executive-Board Dynamics
ISBN 978-0-470-63119-5

Graham, Robert J. / Englund, Randall L.
Creating an Environment for Successful Projects
ISBN 978-0-7879-6966-0

Daffern, Michael / Jones, Lawrence / Shine, John (eds.)
Offence Paralleling Behaviour
A Case Formulation Approach to Offender Assessment and Intervention
ISBN 978-0-470-74447-5

Smith, Ralph F.
Business Process Management and the Balanced Scorecard
Using Processes as Strategic Drivers
ISBN 978-0-470-04746-0

Christian, Dieter / Lüdenbach, Norbert
IFRS Essentials
ISBN 978-1-118-49471-4

Nemiro, Jill / Beyerlein, Michael M. / Bradley, Lori / Beyerlein, Susan (eds.)
The Handbook of High Performance Virtual Teams
A Toolkit for Collaborating Across Boundaries
ISBN 978-0-470-17642-9

Longree, Karla / Armbruster, Gertrude
Quantity Food Sanitation
ISBN 978-0-471-59660-8

Pallares-Burke, Maria
The New History
Confessions and Conversations
ISBN 978-0-7456-3021-2

LaFay, Mark
Drones For Dummies
ISBN 978-1-119-04978-4

Levy, Reynold
Yours for the Asking
An Indispensable Guide to Fundraising and Management
ISBN 978-0-470-24342-8

Parr, Russell L. / Smith, Gordon V.
Intellectual Property
Valuation, Exploitation, and Infringement Damages
ISBN 978-0-471-68323-0

Bauman, Zygmunt
An Unfinished Adventure
ISBN 978-0-7456-3403-6

Arndt, Sven / Milner, Chris (eds.)
The World Economy, Global Trade Policy 1997
ISBN 978-0-631-20759-7

Price, Christopher / Jorgensen, Adam / Knight, Devin
Building Performance Dashboards and Balanced Scorecards with SQL Server Reporting Services
ISBN 978-1-118-64719-6

Ukens, Lorraine L.
What Would You Do?
A Game of Ethical and Moral Dilemma, Leader's Guide
ISBN 978-0-7879-8537-0




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