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Weitere Bücher
Mann, William E. (ed.)
The Blackwell Guide to the Philosophy of Religion
ISBN 978-0-631-22128-9

Waldron, Vincent R.
Communicating Emotion at Work
ISBN 978-0-7456-4896-5

Lieberman, Norman P.
Troubleshooting Vacuum Systems
Steam Turbine Surface Condensers and Refinery Vacuum Towers
ISBN 978-1-118-29034-7

Mezeske, Richard J. / Mezeske, Barbara A. (eds.)
Beyond Tests and Quizzes
Creative Assessments in the College Classroom
ISBN 978-0-470-18083-9

American Institute of Architects
Architectural Graphic Standards for Residential Construction 1.0 CD-ROM Network Version
ISBN 978-0-470-54135-7

Abergel, Frédéric / Bouchaud, Jean-Philippe / Foucault, Thierry / Lehalle, Charles-Albert / Rosenbaum, Mathieu (eds.)
Market Microstructure
Confronting Many Viewpoints
ISBN 978-1-119-95241-1

Gottschalk, Jack
Crisis Management
Operations 06.05
ISBN 978-1-84112-215-1

Heil, Gary / Bennis, Warren / Stephens, Deborah C.
Douglas McGregor, Revisited
Managing the Human Side of the Enterprise
ISBN 978-0-471-31462-2

Fieser, Mary
Fiesers' Reagents for Organic Synthesis
Volumes 1-27 and Collective Index for Volumes 1-22, Set
ISBN 978-1-118-52891-4

Sindell, Kathleen
Safety Net
Protecting Your Business on the Internet
ISBN 978-0-471-07962-0

Himonas, Alex / Howard, Alan
Ideas and Applications, Student Solutions Manual
ISBN 978-0-471-26639-6

Nayfeh, Ali H. / Mook, Dean T.
Nonlinear Oscillations
ISBN 978-0-471-12142-8

Pitcher, Tony J. / Morato, Telmo / Hart, Paul J. B. / Clark, Malcolm R. / Haggan, Nigel / Santos, Ricardo S. (eds.)
Ecology, Fisheries & Conservation
ISBN 978-1-4051-3343-2

Ziemba, Rachel E. S. / Ziemba, William T.
Scenarios for Risk Management and Global Investment Strategies
ISBN 978-0-470-31924-6

Microsoft Official Academic Course
Exam 77-420 Microsoft Excel 2013
ISBN 978-0-470-13308-8

Herman, Richard T. / Smith, Robert L.
Immigrant, Inc.
Why Immigrant Entrepreneurs Are Driving the New Economy (and how they will save the American worker)
ISBN 978-0-470-45571-5

Durieux, Mark / Stebbins, Robert
Social Entrepreneurship For Dummies
ISBN 978-0-470-53808-1

Lee, Sandra
Sandra Lee Semi-Homemade Cooking
ISBN 978-0-696-22685-4

Olson, Aaron K. / Simerson, B. Keith
Leading with Strategic Thinking
Four Ways Effective Leaders Gain Insight, Drive Change, and Get Results
ISBN 978-1-118-96815-4

Alexander, Paul
Signs and Wonders
Why Pentecostalism Is the World's Fastest Growing Faith
ISBN 978-0-470-18396-0

Wanjek, Christopher
Bad Medicine
Misconceptions and Misuses Revealed, from Distance Healing to Vitamin O
ISBN 978-0-471-43499-3

Noble, Michael T.
Organizational Mastery with Integrated Management Systems
Controlling the Dragon
ISBN 978-0-471-38928-6

Hoole, David / Bucke, David / Burgess, Peter / Wellby, Ian (eds.)
Diseases of Carp and Other Cyprinid Fishes
ISBN 978-0-85238-252-3

Henley, Ernest J. / Seader, J. D.
Equilibrium-Stage Separation Operations in Chemical Engineering
ISBN 978-0-471-37108-3

Stuart, Bonnye E. / Sarow, Marilyn S. / Stuart, Laurence
Integrated Business Communication
In a Global Marketplace
ISBN 978-0-470-02767-7




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