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Bücher | Characterization of Minerals, Metals and Materials


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Hwang, Jiann-Yang / Monteiro, Sergio Neves / Bai, Chengguang / Carpenter, John / Cai, Mingdong / Firrao, Donato / Kim, Byoung-Gon (Hrsg.)
Characterization of Minerals, Metals and Materials

1. Auflage April 2012
149,- Euro
2012. 504 Seiten, Hardcover
ISBN 978-1-118-29122-1 - John Wiley & Sons

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Characterization of materials provides the fundamentals for the development of materials. This state-of-the-art reference contains chapters on all aspects of the characterization of minerals, metals, and materials.

Aus dem Inhalt
Preface xiiiEditors xvCharacterization of Minerals, Metals, and MaterialsCharacterization of Ferrous Metals ICharacterization of the Microstructure of Compacted Graphite Cast Iron 3V. RastegarEBSD Analysis of Complex Microstructures of CSP Processed Low Carbon Micro-Alloyed Steels 11C. Reip, R. Flender, and M. FrommertEmpirical Models of Cold Working Effect in Steel Tube Production 19R. Batson, and J. ZhangMicrostructural Investigation of Carbon Steel after Hot Rolling to Optimize Complex Hot Forming of Thick Plates 27G. Tober, O. Anopuo, and P. MaierMicrostructural Characterization of Fe-Mn-C Ternary Alloy under Near-Rapid Solidification 35W. Xia, R. Yang, C. Song, and Q. ZhaiEffects of Surface Modifications on SCW Corrosion Resistance 43J. Li, S. Penttilä, and W. ZhengInterface Mass Transfer during the Tribofinishing Process 49I. Hilerio, D. Medina, V. Cortes, and J. MuñozCharacterization of Non-Ferrous MaterialsImprovement of Mechanical Properties in Severely Plastically Deformed Ni-Cr Alloy 61K. Song, H. Kirn, H. Son, and W. KimProcessing and Microstructural Control of Copper Foams for Thermal Wick Material Systems 69K. Ledford, S. Lin, andJ. NadlerCharacterization of Minerals and CeramicsA Novel Low-Energy Route for the Extraction of Copper And Cobalt Metals/Alloys from the Zambian Sulphide Concentrates 79K. Hara, and A. JhaStructural and Chemical Modification of Sulfide Mineral Surfaces by High-Power Nanosecond Pulses 89I. Bunin, V. Chanturiya, A. Kovalev, I. Khobarova, and E. KoporulinaCharacterization of Magnetic and Non-Magnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles Synthesized by Different Routes 99A. Maich, E. Er dem, and F. DoyleCharacterization of Concentrate, Pellet and DRI Samples for Trace Elements 107M. ZhangThe Dielectric and the Temperature-rising Characteristics of Ore Fines Materials in Microwave Field 115H. Zhu, L. Dai, J. Peng, W. Liang, Z. Wei, Z Weng, Q. Ye, and J. ChenCharacterization on the Roughness of the Iron Ore Particles 123X. Lv, X. Huang, R. Zhang, and M. ZhouSynthesis and Characterization of Al, Ag, Ti, Cu, and B Substituted Hydroxylapatite, 131C. Er gun, T. Webster, G. Gunes, A. Bahadir, H. Liu, and I. ErdenElectric Resistivity of Fine Chromite Ore 139C. Pan, X. Lv, C. Bai, X. Liu, and D. LiMelting and Reduction of Manganese Sinter with Fluxes 147T. Brynjulfsen and M. TangstadCeramic Pigments with Spinel Structure Obtained by Low Temperature Methods 155O. Restrepo, E. Chavarriaga, and L. JaramilloMechanical Characterization of Cellular Ceramic Materials 163W. Aechar, F. Bar celos, and L. PereiráStudy of Attapulgite for Human Health 169W. Aechar, T. Mow a, A. Costa, and L. BarretoCharacterization Technologies3D Metallography of Multiphase Steels 177M. Fischer, P. Lutomski, A. Stieben, and W. BleckCharacterization of Open-Pored Metals Using Image Processing 185B. Hinze, and J. RoeslerThermography Assisted Fatigue Testing 193A. Saiga!, R. Gu, C. San Marchi, and D. MatsonCharacterization of Environmental and Construction MaterialsTile Production Using Wastes from Mining Industry of the Mining District Pachuca and Real Del Monte 203J. Hernandez, E. Salinas, F. Patino, I. Rivera, J. Flores, N. Trápala, M. Pérez, M. Flores, and I. ReyesConcrete with Cementitious Steel Slag Composites and Its Applications 211H. Fang, J. Hwang, G. Xue, and L. LuCharacterization of Dust Generated in the BOF Converter 221E. Junca, J. Oliveira, D. Espinosa, and J. TenorioExperimental Research to Improve the Soundness of Cementitious Material Blended with Cycled Fluidized Bed Ash 229S. Zhu and X. HeProduction of Apatitic Material Using Turkish Colemanite Mineral 239C. Moral, T. Basargan, and G. Nasun-SaygihSetting Time of Concrete Material; Laboratory Measurements Versus Field Applications 251M. Riad, S. Shoukry, and G. WilliamGas Emission and Structural Changes in the Firing of Red Clay Ceramics with Addition of Sanitary Ware Mass Wastes 259R. Faria, V. Souza, S. Cosin, R. Toledo, and H. VargasCharacterization of Energy, Electronic and Optical MaterialsInfluence of La2O3 Additive Content on the Phase Stability, Sintering and Microstructure of 8 MOL% Y2O3 Stabilized Cubic Zirconia (8YSZ) Ceramic Used for Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Applications 269S. Tekeli, B. Aktas, and S. SalmanDevelopment and Characterization of Carbonaceous Materials Incorporated with Metal (Ti, V and Zn )-Organic Compounds for Hydrogen Storage 277M. Nath, A. Kumar, and A. MallickCharacterization of Nickel Oxide Nanoparticles for Hydrogen Adsorption with External Electric Field 285Z. Zhang, X. Sun, Z. Peng, and J. HwangNanocrystalline CdS Thin Films Prepared by Vacuum Evaporation 293S. IkhmayiesStructure-Property Correlation of xPb(Ni0.33Nb0.67)O3-(1-x)Pb(Zr0.31Ti0.69)O3 Based Relaxor-Ferroelectric Ceramics Synthesized Via ColumbitePrecursor Method 303B. Mallesham, T. Jayaraman, A. James, and D. DasThe Characteristics of Optical Recording Media Affected by the Accelerating Aging Test 311D. Huang, J. Lin, T. Lin, J. Chen, M. Lin, and J. TsaiA Comparison between the Properties of Spray-Pyrolyzed SnO2:F/CdS:In Structures Prepared by Using NH4F and HF as a Source of Fluorine 319S. Ikhmayies, and R. Ahmad-BitarCharacterization and Preparation of Anti-Reflection Coatings in the RANGE of 3-5 um for Si Optical Window 327K. Iqbal, A. Maqsood, M. Mujahid, and M. AsgharCharacterization of Carbon and Soft MaterialsThermal Properties of Polyester Composites Incorporated with Coir Fiber 341H. Santafé Júnior, N. Simonassi, and S. MonteiroInvestigating the Rheology of LCPs through Different Die Geometries 349A. Ahmadzadegan, M. Zimmerman, and A. SaigalEffect of the Fiber Equivalent Diameter on the Elastic Modulus and Density of Sisal Fibers 357A. Camposo Pereira, W. Pereira Inacio, F. Muylaert Margem, and S. Neves MonteiroCorrelation between the Density and the Diameter of Buriti Fibers 365A. de Paula Barbosa, M. Picanqo Oliveira, A. da Silva Crespo, N. Suely Silva Santos, F. Muylaert Margem, and S. Neves MonteiroThermal and Morphological Behavior of EVOH/Piassava Fiber Composites 373B. Nogueira, A. Chinellato, A. Ortiz, A. Parveen, V. Rangari, and E. MouraThermal Behavior of Banana Fiber 381F. Muylaert Margem, L. Barbosa de Souza Martins, N. Carneiro Garcia Rosa, and S. Neves MonteiroComparative Studies of Crushing Behavior of Various Fiber Reinforced Skin Polyurethane Foam Cored Composite Sandwich Structures 387K. Sharma, and M. SripathyElastic Modulus Variation with Diameter for Ramie Fibers 395A. Barreto Bevitori, L Leño Amoral da Silva, R. Sopeletto Carreiro, F. Muylaert Margem, and S. Neves MonteiroComparative Study of the Sugarcane Bagasse Fiber/HDPE Composite Properties Using Electron-Beam and Gamma Radiation Treatments 403A. Pereira, A. Soria, A. Abreu, A. Chinellato, N. del Mostro, and E. MouraCharacterization of Light MetalsInfluence of Deformation on the Properties of Carbon-Fiber Reinforced 2024 Alloy Matrix Composites 413L. Wu, and G. YaoMicrostructure and Deformation Behavior of Mg-Zn-Al-Re Magnesium Alloy 421J. Zhang, F. Pan, and C. BaiMicrostructures and Tensile Mechanical Properties of Mg-9Zn-0.6Zr-2Er Magnesium Alloy 427J. Zhang, and B. ZhangNanobond - The Perfect Refractory Choice for Quick Lining and Repairing of Aluminium Melting Furnaces 435T. Schemmel, H. Jansen, B. Kesselheim, and U. KremerCharacterization of Grit Blasted Metallic Biomaterials by Thermoelectric Power Measurements 443H. Carrean, & Barriuso, J. González-Carrasco, F. Garcia-Cahallero, and M. LieblichCharacterization of the Torsional Response of As-cast A359-SiCp-30% at Elevated Temperatures 451J. DeMarco, J. Karl, K Sohn, and A. GordonCharacterization of Ferrous Metals IIComparison of Creep Life Assessment between Tin-Based Lead-Free Solders and Lead Solders 479K. MondenCorrelationship between JIC and Equivalent Fracture Strain Determined by Small-Punch Test in JN1S JJ1 and JK2 Austenitic Stainless Steels 487V. Lopez-Hirata, M. Saucedo-Muñoz, and T. HashidaEffect of Heat Treatment on the Surface Characteristics of AISI D2 Steel Machined by Wire EDM 495M. Dhobe, I. Chopde, and C. GogteHot Deformation Study by Processing Maps of N Containing Microalloyed Steel 503M. Dikovits, C. Poletti, F. Warchomicka, G. Chaudhari, and V. PancholiInfluence of Annealing Treatment on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Cold-Rolled Sheet of Fe-36Ni Invar Alloy 511X. Jiang, L. Li, X. Xia, J. Huang, and Q. ZhaiMechanical Properties of Friction Stir Welded Inconel 600/SS 400 Lap Joints 519K. Song, W. Kim, and K. NakataAuthor Index 527Subject Index 531



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