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Bücher | The JCMS Annual Review of the European Union in 2010


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Copsey, Nathaniel / Haughton, Tim (Hrsg.)
The JCMS Annual Review of the European Union in 2010
Journal of Common Market Studies

1. Auflage August 2011
23,90 Euro
2011. 298 Seiten, Softcover
ISBN 978-1-4443-3905-5 - John Wiley & Sons

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The Annual Review, produced in association with JCMS, The Journal of Common Market Studies, covers the key developments in the European Union, its member states, and acceding and/or applicant countries in 2010.
* Contains analytical articles and keynote contributions written by leading experts in their respective fields covering political, economic and legal issues
* Includes the JCMS Annual Review Lecture, by Loukas Tsoukalis
* Includes State of the Union article by President of the European Parliament, Jerzy Buzek
* The most up-to-date and authoritative source of information for those engaged in teaching and research or who are simply interested in the European Union
* Specially commissioned articles by David Marsh on the turbulence in the eurozone and William E. Paterson on Germany as the 'reluctant hegemon' in the European Union
* Includes an invaluable guide to EU documents and publications - and the various websites of the EU - together with a chronology of key events

Aus dem Inhalt
Editorial: 2010, Kill or Cure for the Euro? (Nathaniel Copsey and Tim Haughton)

1. State of the Union (Jerzy Buzek)

2. The JCMS Annual Review Lecture (Loukas Tsoukalis)

3. Faltering Ambitions and Unrequited Hopes (David Marsh)

4. The Reluctant Hegemon? (William E. Paterson)

5. Spain's EU Presidency (Paul M. Heywood)

6. The 2010 Belgian Presidency of the EU (Edith Drieskens)

7. Governance and Institutions (Desmond Dinan)

8. Internal Market (James Buckley and David Howarth)

9. Justice and Home Affairs (Jörg Monar)

10. Legal Developments (Fabian Amtenbrink)

11. Relations with the Wider Europe (Richard G. Whitman and Ana E. Juncos)

12. Relations with the Rest of the World (David Allen and Michael Smith)

13. The EU Economy: The Eurozone in 2010 (Dermot Hodson)

14. Economies of Member States Outside the Eurozone (Richard Connolly)

15. Chronology: The European Union in 2010 (Fabian Guy Neuner)




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