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Bruce, Timothy J. / Jongsma, Arthur E.
Evidence-Based Treatment Planning for Anger Control Problems DVD Facilitator's Guide
Evidence-Based Psychotherapy Treatment

1. Auflage Mai 2011
29,90 Euro
2011. 72 Seiten, Softcover
- Wiley & Sons Ltd -
ISBN 978-0-470-56844-6 - John Wiley & Sons

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Authoritatively addressing the growing pressure to ensure that patients receive care that is proven effective and, subsequently, to train mental health practitioners in the latest in Evidence-Based Practice (EBP), Evidence-Based Treatment Planning for Anger and Impulse Control DVD Facilitator's Guide leads mental health professionals through modules covering the most common DSM-IV-TR disorders and other presenting problems. Ideal for trainingmental health professionals at any level.

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Introduction v

Chapter 1 What Are Anger Control Problems? 1

Chapter 2 What Are the Six Steps in Building a Treatment Plan? 5

Chapter 3 What Is the Brief History of the Empirically Supported Treatments Movement? 7

Chapter 4 What Are the Identifi ed Empirically Supported Treatments for Anger Control Problems? 12

Chapter 5 How Do You Integrate Empirically Supported Treatments Into Treatment Planning? 16

Chapter 6 What Are Considerations for Relapse Prevention? 43

Closing Remarks and Resources 45

Appendix A A Sample Evidence-Based Treatment Plan for Anger Control Problems 47

Appendix B Chapter Review Test Questions and Answers Explained 51



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