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Boussabaine, Abdelhalim
Risk Pricing Strategies for Public-Private Partnership Projects
Innovation in the Built Environment

1. Auflage November 2013
102,- Euro
2013. 278 Seiten, Hardcover
ISBN 978-1-4051-7792-4 - John Wiley & Sons

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Presenting a simple methodology to risk pricing in PPP, Risk Pricing Strategies for Public-Private Partnership Projects provides up-to-date coverage of the latest developments in risk pricing strategies and presents a comprehensive treatment of the methodologies involved in designing and building risk pricing models. Author Abdelhalim Boussabaine shows students, researchers, and practitioners how public-private partnership project risk is priced and appreciated by means of the correct application of innovative risk modeling techniques, where the emphasis is risk pricing strategies as well as price evaluation methods.

Aus dem Inhalt
Preface ixChapter 1 Mapping of the PPP's Processes and Concepts 11.1 Introduction 11.2 Rationale for PPPs 21.3 key stages in the PPP procurement process 71.4 Financing PPP projects 121.5 Rationale for value for money and risk transfer in PPPs 161.6 PPP project structure 191.7 Payment mechanisms in PPPs 251.8 PPP emerging issues 281.9 Summary 29References 30Chapter 2 Uncertainty in Pricing Risk 312.1 Introduction 312.2 Concepts of Risk and uncertainty 312.3 Relationship between risk and uncertainty 442.4 Attitudes to risk and uncertainty 462.5 Variability and uncertainty 482.6 Quantifying uncertainties in risk pricing 502.7 Taxonomies of uncertainty 532.8 Pricing risk under uncertainty 542.9 Summary 55References 55Chapter 3 Bias in Risk Pricing 593.1 Introduction 593.2 Risk bias theories 603.3 Sources of bias 663.4 Managing bias 813.5 Summary 87References 87Chapter 4 Management Strategies for Risk Pricing 914.1 Introduction 914.2 Principles of risk pricing strategies 924.3 Risk pricing management strategies 954.4 Value gain and loss from risk retention 974.5 Risk retention analysis 1004.6 Resources capability for risk control 1034.7 Summary 105References 106Chapter 5 Framework for Pricing PPP Risks 1075.1 Introduction 1075.2 Framework for pricing construction risks 1085.3 Strategies for risk costing 1145.4 Risk pricing in PPP transaction 1195.5 The choice of the discount rate in risk costing 1295.6 Summary 135References 136Chapter 6 Risk Measurement and Modelling 1396.1 Introduction 1396.2 Quantifying risks 1406.3 Probability distributions for risk costing quantification 1466.4 Risk analysis Methods 1536.5 Selecting a risk analysis technique 1626.6 How to build a risk pricing BN model 1646.7 Building risk price models using Monte Carlo simulation 1696.8 Summary 172References 172Chapter 7 Risk Allocation Networks in PPP Contracts 1757.1 Introduction 1757.2 Risk systems in PPP contracts 1787.3 Modelling the parameters of the risk allocation network 1807.4 The structure of risk allocation networks in PPP contracts 1817.5 Modelling the structure of the risk allocation network 1857.6 The characteristics of a typical PPP risk allocation network 1867.7 Key observations 1917.8 Summary 192References 193Chapter 8 Pricing Development and Construction Risks 1958.1 Introduction 1958.2 Overview of development and construction risks 1968.3 Strategies for mitigating and managing development and construction risks 2098.4 Pricing development and construction risks 2148.5 Summary 218References 219Chapter 9 Pricing Operational Risks 2219.1 Introduction 2219.2 Overview of operational risks 2219.3 Strategies for mitigating and managing operational risks 2289.4 Pricing operational risks 2339.5 Operational risks pricing example 2359.6 Summary 241References 241Chapter 10 Financial Risk Assessment in PPP Projects 24310.1 Introduction 24310.2 Emergence of risks in project finance 24410.3 Risk network concepts 24610.4 Project finance cash Flow risk network 24710.5 Assessment results 25610.6 Summary 26010.7 Acknowledgements 261References 261Index 263



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