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Weitere Bücher
Codd, Sarah L. / Seymour, Joseph D. (eds.)
Magnetic Resonance Microscopy
Spatially Resolved NMR Techniques and Applications
ISBN 978-3-527-32008-0

Joud, Jean-Charles / Barthés-Labrousse, Marie-Geneviève
Physical Chemistry of Surfaces and Functionalization
ISBN 978-1-84821-843-7

Schattke, Wolfgang / Van Hove, Michel A. (eds.)
Solid-State Photoemission and Related Methods
Theory and Experiment
ISBN 978-3-527-40334-9

Schneider, Hartmut / Komarneni, Sridhar (eds.)
ISBN 978-3-527-30974-0

Wegener, Eberhard
Planung eines Wärmeübertragers
Ganzheitliche Aufgabenlösung bis zur Instandsetzung eines Rohrbündel-Wärmeübertragers
ISBN 978-3-527-33304-2

Wolf, Edward L.
Nanophysics and Nanotechnology
An Introduction to Modern Concepts in Nanoscience
ISBN 978-3-527-40651-7

Fredriksson, Hasse / Akerlind, Ulla
Physics of Functional Materials
ISBN 978-0-470-51757-4

Klockenkämper, Reinhold / von Bohlen, Alex
Total-Reflection X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis and Related Methods
ISBN 978-1-118-46027-6

John Wiley & Sons Ltd
Properties and Behavior of Polymers
2 Volume Set
ISBN 978-0-470-59670-8

Würfel, Peter / Würfel, Uli
Physics of Solar Cells
From Basic Principles to Advanced Concepts
ISBN 978-3-527-41312-6

Bonilla, Luis L. / Teitsworth, Stephen W.
Nonlinear Wave Methods for Charge Transport
ISBN 978-3-527-40695-1

Ward, I. M. / Sweeney, J.
An Introduction to the Mechanical Properties of Solid Polymers
ISBN 978-0-471-49626-7

Affatigato, Mario (ed.)
Modern Glass Characterization
ISBN 978-1-118-23086-2

Carpenter, John / Bai, Chengguang / Escobedo-Diaz, J. Pablo / Hwang, Jiann-Yang / Ikhmayies, Shadia / Li, Bowen / Li, Jian / Monteiro, Sergio Neves / Peng, Zhiwei / Zhang, Mingming (eds.)
Characterization of Minerals, Metals, and Materials 2015
ISBN 978-1-119-08246-0

Lin, Hua-Tay / Hwang, Taejin / Kirihara, Soshu / Widjaja, Sujanto
Advanced Ceramic Coatings and Materials for Extreme Environments III
Ceramic Engineering and Science Proceedings, Volume 34 Issue 3
ISBN 978-1-118-80755-2

Prutton, Martin / El Gomati, Mohamed (eds.)
Scanning Auger Electron Microscopy
ISBN 978-0-470-86677-1

Zolotoyabko, Emil
Basic Concepts of Crystallography
ISBN 978-3-527-33009-6

Birkholz, Mario
Thin Film Analysis by X-Ray Scattering
ISBN 978-3-527-31052-4

Flewitt, P. E. J. / Wild, R. K.
Grain Boundaries
Their Microstructure and Chemistry
ISBN 978-0-471-97951-7

Crist, B. Vincent
Handbook of Monochromatic XPS Spectra
Volume 2: Semiconductors
ISBN 978-0-471-49266-5

van Bokhoven, Jeroen A. / Lamberti, Carlo
X-Ray Absorption and X-Ray Emission Spectroscopy
Theory and Applications
ISBN 978-1-118-84423-6

Oettel, Heinrich / Schumann, Hermann (eds.)
Mit einer Einführung in die Keramografie
ISBN 978-3-527-32257-2

Yablon, Dalia G.
Scanning Probe Microscopy for Industrial Applications
Nanomechanical Characterization
ISBN 978-1-118-28823-8

Als-Nielsen, Jens / McMorrow, Des
Elements of Modern X-ray Physics
ISBN 978-0-470-97395-0

Wondratschek, Hans / Müller, Ulrich
International Tables for Crystallography
Volume A1: Symmetry Relations between Space Groups
ISBN 978-0-470-66079-9




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