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Related books
Dulaney, Emmett / Stewart, James M. / Miller, David R. / Gregg, Michael
CompTIA Security+ Certification Kit
ISBN 978-0-470-40486-7

Marqués, Sarah
La lengua que heredamos
ISBN 978-0-470-46566-0

Bozarth, Jane
From Analysis to Evaluation
Tools, Tips, and Techniques for Trainers
ISBN 978-0-7879-8201-0

Ross, Andrew / Williams, Peter
Financial Management in Construction Contracting
ISBN 978-1-4051-2506-2

Mukhopadhyay, Sharmila M. / Seal, Sudipta / Dahotre, Narendra B. / Agarwal, Arvind / Smugeresky, John E. / Moody, Neville R. (eds.)
Surfaces and Interfaces in Nanostructured Materials and Trends in LIGA, Miniaturization, and Nanoscale Materials
Fifth MPMD Global Innovations Symposium
ISBN 978-0-87339-566-3

Mather, Nancy / Roberts, Rhia
Informal Assessment and Instruction in Written Language
A Practitioner's Guide for Students with Learning Disabilities
ISBN 978-0-471-16208-7

Microsoft Official Academic Course
Exam 70-413 Designing and Implementing a Server Infrastructure
ISBN 978-1-118-78918-6

Demaria, Cyril
Introduction to Private Equity
Venture, Growth, LBO and Turn-Around Capital
ISBN 978-1-118-57192-7

Rezg, Nidhal / Dellagi, Sofien / Khatad, Abdelhakim
Joint Optimization of Maintenance and Production Policies
ISBN 978-1-84821-553-5

Biggs, Barton
Biggs on Finance, Economics, and the Stock Market
Barton's Market Chronicles from the Morgan Stanley Years
ISBN 978-1-118-57230-6

Zwecher, Michael J.
Retirement Portfolios
Theory, Construction and Management
ISBN 978-0-470-55681-8

Damodaran, Aswath
Investment Valuation
Tools and Techniques for Determining the Value of any Asset, University Edition
ISBN 978-1-118-13073-5

Graham, Hermine L.
Cognitive-Behavioural Integrated Treatment (C-BIT)
A Treatment Manual for Substance Misuse in People with Severe Mental Health Problems
ISBN 978-0-470-85437-2

Schweitzer, Sharon / Alexander, Liz
Access to Asia
Your Multicultural Guide to Building Trust, Inspiring Respect, and Creating Long-Lasting Business Relationships
ISBN 978-1-118-91901-9

Jamieson, Catherine / McCormick, Sean
Digital Portrait Photography and Lighting
Take Memorable Shots Every Time
ISBN 978-0-471-78128-8

Wagner, E. J.
Die Wissenschaft bei Sherlock Holmes
und die Anfänge der Gerichtsmedizin
ISBN 978-3-527-50378-0

Blaikie, Norman
Designing Social Research
ISBN 978-0-7456-4337-3

Clark, Sandra
Renaissance Drama
ISBN 978-0-7456-3311-4

Fink, L. Dee
Creating Significant Learning Experiences
An Integrated Approach to Designing College Courses
ISBN 978-1-118-12425-3

Donald, Anna / Stein, Mike / Scott Hill, Ciaran
The Hands-on Guide for Junior Doctors
ISBN 978-1-4443-3466-1

Nye, Andrea (ed.)
Philosophy of Language
The Big Questions
ISBN 978-0-631-20602-6

Grieve, June / Gnanasekaran, Linda
Neuropsychology for Occupational Therapists
Cognition in Occupational Performance
ISBN 978-1-4051-3699-0

Walker, Joseph A.
Selling Short
Risks, Rewards, and Strategies for Short Selling Stocks, Options, and Futures
ISBN 978-0-471-53464-8

Ferguson, Lois-Andrea / Lain-Kennedy, Joyce
CVs For Dummies
ISBN 978-0-470-74491-8

Sinha, Nirmal K. / Hui, Y. H. / Evranuz, E. Özgül / Siddiq, Muhammad / Ahmed, Jasim
Handbook of Vegetables and Vegetable Processing
ISBN 978-0-8138-1541-1




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