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Martindale, Charles / Thomas, Richard F. (eds.)
Classics and the Uses of Reception
Classical Receptions

1. Edition August 2006
119.- Euro
2006. 352 Pages, Hardcover
ISBN 978-1-4051-3146-9 - John Wiley & Sons

Also available as Softcover.

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Detailed description
This landmark collection presents a wide variety of viewpoints on the value and role of reception theory within the modern discipline of classics.

* A pioneering collection, looking at the role reception theory plays, or could play, within the modern discipline of classics.

* Emphasizes theoretical aspects of reception.

* Written by a wide range of contributors from young scholars to established figures, from Europe, the UK and the USA.

* Draws on material from many different fields, from translation studies to the visual arts, and from politics to performance.

* Sets the agenda for classics in the future.

From the contents
List of Figures.

Notes on Contributors.

Introduction: Thinking Through Reception (Charles Martindale).

1. Provocation: The Point of Reception Theory (William W. Batstone).

Part I. Reception in Theory.

2. Literary History as a Provocation to Reception Studies (Ralph Hexter).

3. Discipline and Receive; or, Making an Example out of Marsyas (Timothy Saunders).

4. Text, Theory, and Reception (Kenneth Haynes).

5. Surfing the Third Wave? Postfeminism and the Hermeneutics of Reception (Genevieve Liveley).

6. Allusion as Reception: Virgil, Milton, and the Modern Reader (Craig Kallendorf).

7. Hector and Andromache: Identification and Appropriation (Vanda Zajko).

8. Passing on the Panpipe: Genre and Reception (Mathilde Skoie).

9. True Histories: Lucien, Bakhtin, and the Pragmatics of Reception (Tim Whitmarsh).

10. The Uses of Reception: Derrida and the Historical Imperative (Miriam Leonard).

11. The Use and Abuse of Antiquity: The Politics and Morality of Appropriation (Katie Fleming).

Part II. Studies in Reception.

12. The Homeric Moment? Translation, Historicity, and the Meaning of the Classics (Alexandra Lianeri).

13. Looking for Ligurinus: An Italian Poet in the Nineteenth Century (Richard F. Thomas).

14. Foucault's Antiquity (James I. Porter).

15. Fractured Understandings: Towards a History of Classical Reception Among Non-Elite Groups (Siobhan McElduff).

16. Decolonizing the Postcolonial Colonizers: Helen in Derek Walcott's Omeros (Helen Kaufmann).

17. Remodeling Receptions: Greek Drama as Diaspora in Performance (Lorna Hardwick).

18. Reception, Performance, and the Sacrifice of Iphigenia (Pantelis Michelakis).

19. Reception and Ancient Art: The Case of the Venus de Milo (Elizabeth Prettejohn).

20. The Touch of Sappho (Simon Goldhill).

21. (At) the Visual Point of Reception: Anselm Feuerbach's Das Gastmahl des Platon; or, Philosophy in Paint (John Henderson).

22. Afterword: The Uses of "Reception" (Duncan F. Kennedy).





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