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Related books
Kaipa, Prasad / Radjou, Navi
From Smart to Wise
Acting and Leading with Wisdom
ISBN 978-1-118-79958-1

Tobias, Joseph (ed.)
Pediatric Critical Care
The Essentials
ISBN 978-0-87993-428-6

McCulloch, Charles E. / Searle, Shayle R. / Neuhaus, John M.
Generalized, Linear, and Mixed Models
ISBN 978-0-470-07371-1

Scanlan, Joanne B. / Wilson, Eugene R. (eds.)
Improving and Stregthening Grant Making Organizations
New Directions for Philanthropic Fundraising, Number 45
ISBN 978-0-7879-7841-9

Chow, Anthony W C / Buxton, Alfred E (eds.)
Implantable Cardiac Pacemakers and Defibrillators
All You Wanted to Know
ISBN 978-0-7279-1566-5

Rigby, Ken
Bullying Interventions in Schools
Six Basic Approaches
ISBN 978-1-118-34588-7

Bell, M. G. H. / Iida, Yasunori
Transportation Network Analysis
ISBN 978-0-471-96493-3

Schreiber, Sebastian J. / Smith, Karl / Getz, Wayne
Calculus for The Life Sciences
ISBN 978-1-118-89336-4

Carmichael, D. R. / Graham, Lynford
Accountants' Handbook, 2 Volume Set
ISBN 978-1-118-17180-6

Easterby-Smith, Mark
Handbook of Organizational Learning and Knowledge Management
ISBN 978-0-470-97264-9

Gough, Alex / Thomas, Alison
Breed Predispositions to Disease in Dogs and Cats
ISBN 978-1-4051-8078-8

Urbina, Susana
Essentials of Psychological Testing
ISBN 978-1-118-68048-3

International Accounting Standards Committee
International Accounting Standards Explained
ISBN 978-0-471-72037-9

Kelley, Colleen / Weeks, Wendy
Chemistry Case Studies for Allied Health
ISBN 978-0-470-46417-5

George, Mark O.
The Lean Six Sigma Guide to Doing More With Less
Cut Costs, Reduce Waste, and Lower Your Overhead
ISBN 978-0-470-53957-6

Carter, Louis / Sullivan, Roland L. / Goldsmith, Marshall / Ulrich, Dave / Smallwood, Norm
The Change Champion's Field Guide
Strategies and Tools for Leading Change in Your Organization
ISBN 978-1-118-13626-3

Johnson, Mark H. / de Haan, Michelle
Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience
An Introduction
ISBN 978-1-118-93807-2

Gunelius, Susan
Blogging All-in-One For Dummies
ISBN 978-1-118-29944-9

Kulaev, Igor S. / Vagabov, Vladimir / Kulakovskaya, Tatiana
The Biochemistry of Inorganic Polyphosphates
ISBN 978-0-470-85810-3

Gray, Richard
A History of American Literature
ISBN 978-1-4051-9228-6

Davey, Kevin
Building Algorithmic Trading Systems
A Trader's Journey From Data Mining to Monte Carlo Simulation to Live Trading. + Website
ISBN 978-1-118-77898-2

Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) / Gurvis, Joan / Calarco, Allan
Responding Effectively to Change
ISBN 978-1-882197-92-7

Consumer Dummies
1,001 ACT Practice Problems For Dummies
ISBN 978-1-119-27543-5

Roedy, Bill
What Makes Business Rock
Building the World's Largest Global Networks
ISBN 978-1-118-00476-0

Drath, Wilfred
The Deep Blue Sea
Rethinking the Source of Leadership
ISBN 978-0-7879-4932-7




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