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Related books
Segars, James H. (ed.)
ISBN 978-0-470-67094-1

Klein, David R.
Organic Chemistry 1E with Study Guide/Student Solutions Manual and Sapling Learning 2 Semester Reg Code Set
ISBN 978-1-118-51804-5

Gross, Alan M. / Hersen, Michel
Handbook of Clinical Psychology
Volume 2: Children and Adolescents
ISBN 978-0-471-94678-6

Schreiber, James B. / Asner-Self, Kimberly
Educational Research
ISBN 978-0-470-13910-3

Rigo, Michel
Formal Languages, Automata and Numeration Systems Volume 2
ISBN 978-1-84821-788-1

Bunkin, Alexey / Voliak, Konstantin
Laser Remote Sensing of the Ocean
Methods and Applications
ISBN 978-0-471-38927-9

Scheirs, John
Scheirs Polymer Science
10 Volume Set
ISBN 978-0-470-77956-9

Milevsky, Moshe A. / Macqueen, Alexandra C.
Pensionize Your Nest Egg
How to Use Product Allocation to Create a Guaranteed Income for Life
ISBN 978-0-470-68099-5

Boulanger, Jean-Louis (ed.)
Formal Methods Applied to Industrial Complex Systems
ISBN 978-1-84821-632-7

Billing, Gert Due / Mikkelsen, Kurt V.
Introduction To Molecular Dynamics and Chemical Kinetics
ISBN 978-0-471-12739-0

Correll, James G. / Herbert, Kevin
Gaining Control
Managing Capacity and Priorities
ISBN 978-0-471-97992-0

Choi, E. Kwan / Harrigan, James (eds.)
Handbook of International Trade
ISBN 978-0-631-21161-7

Seidman, Steven
Contested Knowledge
Social Theory Today
ISBN 978-1-118-22790-9

Small, Helen (ed.)
The Public Intellectual
ISBN 978-0-631-23198-1

Rayner, Steven R.
Teams Traps
Survival Stories and Lessons from Team Disasters, Near- Misses, Mishaps, and Other Near-Death Experiences
ISBN 978-0-471-13285-1

Clancy, Kevin / Krieg, Peter
Your Gut is Still Not Smarter Than Your Head
How Disciplined, Fact-Based Marketing Can Drive Extraordinary Growth and Profits
ISBN 978-0-471-97993-7

van Schaik, Leon
Design City Melbourne
ISBN 978-0-470-01640-4

Jagur-Grodzinski, Joseph
Heterogeneous Modification of Polymers
Matrix and Surface Reactions
ISBN 978-0-471-94287-0

Castells, Manuel
Networks of Outrage and Hope
Social Movements in the Internet Age
ISBN 978-0-7456-6285-5

Ruppel, Warren
Wiley GAAP for Governments 2014
Interpretation and Application of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles for State and Local Governments
ISBN 978-1-118-73385-1

AU (Assessment Update)
Assessment Update, Progress, Trends, and Practices in Higher Education, Volume 22, Number 6, November-December 2010
ISBN 978-1-118-04935-8

Agrawal, Govind P.
Lightwave Technology
2-Volume Set
ISBN 978-0-470-14758-0

Organic Syntheses, Inc.
Organic Syntheses
Collective Volume 10, A Revised Edition of Annual Volumes 75-79
ISBN 978-0-471-44529-6

Davis, Darlene / Davis, Wayne T.
Team Performance Inventory
A Guide for Assessing and Building High-Performing Teams, Self Assessment
ISBN 978-0-7879-8670-4

Dingle, Derek T.
Black Enterprise Lessons from the Top
Success Strategies from America's Leading Black CEOs
ISBN 978-0-471-21314-7




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