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Bell, Chris / Kyriakides, Alec
A Practical Approach to the Organism and its Control in Foods
Practical Food Microbiology

1. Edition October 2001
145.- Euro
2001. 336 Pages, Softcover
- Wiley & Sons Ltd -
ISBN 978-0-632-05519-7 - John Wiley & Sons

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Detailed description
Human illness attributed to foodborne pathogenic microorganisms hasbeen prominent in the mass media in recent years. The PracticalFood Microbiology Series has been devised to give practical andaccurate information about specific organisms of concern to publichealth. The information is designed for use by those in the foodindustry working in manufacturing, retailing and quality assurance,those in associated professional sectors e.g. public health, andstudents in each of these areas.

The series is unique in its practical approach as it draws onreal life situations to highlight practical means for controllingthe organism in foods.

Salmonella species are arguably the most commonly reported foodassociated human pathogens in the developed world. They arezoonotic agents and many different animal reservoirs are known.They can be found widely in the environment and may also establishin food processing environments. Over 2000 serotypes of Salmonellahave been identified to-date, some of which cause very seriousillness in humans particularly in vulnerable populations such asthe elderly. Although rare, illness may result in fatality or longterm debility and sequelae. Salmonella spp. are so widespread inraw foods and food source environments that the food industry hasto maintain constant vigilance regarding contamination in rawmaterials, effectiveness of food processing systems and control offinished product characteristics for assuring food safety withrespect to this important pathogen.

This book details the causes of selected outbreaks and assessesthe lessons that can be learnt from them. It examines thecharacteristics of Salmonella spp. and identifies factors that makefoods susceptible to contamination and growth of these organisms.Specific product sectors are used to indicate practical measuresthat can be applied to control Salmonella spp. in foods andminimise their potential to cause harm to the consumer. It alsoprovides guidance in selecting effective sampling plans and testmethods to monitor and detect the organism and offers pragmaticadvice on action to be taken when the organism is detected duringmonitoring programmes.

From the contents

1. Background.

2. Outbreaks: Causes and Lessons to Be Learnt.

3. Factors Affecting Growth and Survival of Salmonella.

4. Industry Focus: Control of Salmonella.

5. Industry Action and Reaction.

6. Test Methods.

7. The Future.

Glossary of Terms.





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