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Komatsuzaki, Tamiki / Kawakami, M. / Takahashi, Satoshi / Yang, Haw / Silbey, Robert J. / Rice, Stuart A.
Advances in Chemical Physics
Volume 146: Single Molecule Biophysics. Experiments and Theory
Advances in Chemical Physics
(Volume 146)
Edited by Dinner, Aaron R.

1. Edition January 2012
212.- Euro
2012. 512 Pages, Hardcover
ISBN 978-1-118-05780-3 - John Wiley & Sons

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Short description
Single-molecule experiments have provided fresh perspectives to questions such as how proteins fold to specific conformations from highly heterogeneous structures, how signal transductions take place on the molecular level, and how proteins behave in membranes and live cells. This book focuses mainly on three experimental approaches: single-molecule fluorescence based mainly on fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET), atomic force microscopy (AFM) and diffracted X-ray tracking (DXT), and their applications to important biological phenomena. In addition, discussion is provided on the theoretical progress in the single-molecule data analyses. For students and professionals in chemical physics and physical chemistry from academia, government, and industries.

From the contents
Preface xiiiPart One Developments on Single-Molecule ExperimentsStaring at a Protein: Ensemble and Single-Molecule Investigations on Protein-Folding Dynamics 3By Satoshi Takahashi and Kiyoto KamagataSingle-Molecule FRET of Protein-Folding Dynamics 23By Daniel Nettels and Benjamin SchulerQuantitative Analysis of Single-Molecule FRET Signals and its Application to Telomere DNA 49By Kenji Okamoto and Masahide TerazimaForce to Unbind Ligand-Receptor Complexes and the Internal Rigidity of Globular Proteins Probed by Single-Molecule Force Spectroscopy 71By Atsushi Ikai, Rehana Afrin, and Hiroshi SekiguchiRecent Advances in Single-Molecule Biophysics with the Use of Atomic Force Microscopy 89By Masaru Kawakami and Yukinori TaniguchiDynamical Single-Molecule Observations of Membrane Protein Using High-Energy Probes 133By Yuji C. SasakiSingle-Molecular Gating Dynamics for the KcsA Potassium Channel 147By Shigetoshi Oiki, Hirofumi Shimizu, Masayuki Iwamoto, and Takashi KonnoStatic and Dynamic Disorder in IN VITRO Reconstituted Receptor-Adaptor Interaction 195By Hiroaki Takagi, Miki Morimatsu, and Yasushi SakoPart Two Developments on Single-Molecule Theories and AnalysesChange-Point Localization and Wavelet Spectral Analysis of Single-Molecule Time Series 219By Haw YangTheory of Single-Molecule FRET Efficiency Histograms 245By Irina V. Gopich and Attila SzaboMultidimensional Energy Landscapes in Single-Molecule Biophysics 299By Akinori Baba and Tamiki KomatsuzakiGeneralized Michaelis-Menten Equation for Conformation Modulated Monomeric Enzymes 329By Jianlan Wu and Jianshu CaoMaking it Possible: Constructing a Reliable Mechanism from a Finite Trajectory 367By Ophir FlomenbomFree Energy Landscapes of Proteins: Insights from Mechanical Probes 395By Zu Thur Yew, Peter D. Olmsted, and Emanuele PaciMechanochemical Coupling Revealed by the Fluctuation Analysis of Different Biomolecular Motors 419By Hiroaki Takagi and Masatoshi NishikawaAuthor Index 437Subject Index 467



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