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Sorlie, Morten (ed.)
Light Metals 2007, Volume 5, Recycling and Waste Processing

1. Edition September 2010
79.90 Euro
2010. 156 Pages, Hardcover
- Wiley & Sons Ltd -
ISBN 978-1-118-00062-5 - John Wiley & Sons

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Detailed description
These papers are based on presentations prepared for the Recyclingand Waste Processing Symposium. The original symposium descriptionis as follows: "The symposium will present current technology andoperational practice in the collection, upgrading, thermal andchemical processing, and refining of scrap metal, engineeredmaterials, and waste products. Symposium topics will include:
* Scrap Collection and Sorting
* Scrap Pretreatment
* Recycling Economics
* Recycled Material in Primary Smelters
* Melting Furnace Development
* UBC and Dross Processing
* Recycling of Magnesium
* Precious Metals Recycling
* Recycling of Refractory Metals
* Recycling of Lead
* EAF Dust
* Waste Materials Handling
* Electronic Materials Recycling
* Automotive and Transportation Recycling
* Recycling of Low-Melting Point Metals
* Safety and Environmental Practices
* Recycling in the Far East
* Recycling in Europe"

From the contents

Editor's Biography.

Program Organizers.

Aluminum Committee.

Automotive Recycling, Global Challenges andOpportunities.

The Impact of the Combination of Technology, Legislation, andEconomy on the Resource Cycle (Wijnand Dalmijn and TakodeJong).

Latest Developments in Car Recycling in the Netherlands(David Bebelaar and Wijnand L. Dalmijn).

A Mechanical Separation Process to Recover Metals and Polymersfrom Shredder Residue (Joseph Pomykala Jr., Bassam J. Jody,Edward J Daniels, Jianhong Yang, and Jeffrey S.Spangenberger).

Elemental Analysis and Chemical Composition Based MaterialSeparation (Adam Gesing).

DE-XRT Imaging for Automatic Particle Sorting (Tako de Jongand Wijnand L. Dalmijn).

The Success of Vehicle Recycling in North America (RichardPaul).


Recent Projects of the Sloan Industry Center for a SustainableAluminum Industry Promoting Aluminum Recycling (SubodhDas).

Six-Sigma Methodology for Improved Energy Efficiency andProductivity (Cynthia Belt and Ray Peterson).

Recovering Aluminum from used Beverage Cansmdash;The Dilemma of900,000 Annual Tons (Subodh Das, Todd Boggess, ShridasNingileri, and John A.S. Green).

Identifying Scrap Friendly Alloys Using Chance ConstrainedModeling (Gabrielle Gaustad, Subodh Das, and RandolphKirchain).

Recycling Aluminum Aerospace Alloys (Subodh Das and J.Gilbert Kaufman).

B4C Particle-Reinforced Al Matrix Composites Production from7075 Al Alloy Chips by Hot Pressing (Eyup Kayali, OnurMeydanoglu, Harun Mindivan, and Huseyin Cimenoglu).

Author Index.

Subject Index.



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