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Related books
Freeman, Roger L.
Fundamentals of Telecommunications
ISBN 978-0-471-71045-5

Cooper, Cary L. / Robertson, Ivan T. (eds.)
Key Issues In Industrial and Organizational Psychology, A Reader for Students and Practitioners, Organizational Psychology and Development
ISBN 978-0-471-49556-7

The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society (TMS)
TMS 2009 138th Annual Meeting and Exhibition, Supplemental Proceedings, Collected Proceedings
Linking Science and Technology for Global Solutions
ISBN 978-1-118-34607-5

Stein, Volker
Personalmanagement für Dummies
ISBN 978-3-527-70642-6

Davies, Richard O.
Sports in American Life
A History
ISBN 978-0-470-65546-7

Morgan, Rae / Johnson, Margaret
Pharmacology for Podiatrists
ISBN 978-0-632-05445-9

Menges, Robert J. / Weimer, Maryellen
Teaching on Solid Ground
Using Scholarship to Improve Practice
ISBN 978-0-7879-0133-2

Gadde, Lars-Erik / Hakansson, Hakan / Persson, Goran
Supply Network Strategies
ISBN 978-0-470-51854-0

Ridley, Anne M. / Gabbert, Fiona / La Rooy, David J.
Suggestibility in Legal Contexts
Psychological Research and Forensic Implications
ISBN 978-0-470-66369-1

Common Core
Eureka Math, A Story of Units
Grade K, Module 2: Two-Dimensional and Three-Dimensional Shapes
ISBN 978-1-118-79358-9

Parker, Scott F. / Austin, Michael W. (eds.)
Coffee - Philosophy for Everyone
Grounds for Debate
ISBN 978-1-4443-3712-9

Stiegler, Bernard
What Makes Life Worth Living
On Pharmacology
ISBN 978-0-7456-6270-1

Shiu, Ming-Li / Jiang, Jui-Chin / Tu, Mao-Hsiung
Quality Strategy for Research and Development
ISBN 978-1-118-48763-1

Sandou, Guillaume
Metaheuristic Optimization for the Design of Automatic Control Laws
ISBN 978-1-84821-590-0

Yalom, Irvin D.
Staring at the Sun
Overcoming the Terror of Death
ISBN 978-0-470-40181-1

Pollock, Jeffrey T. / Hodgson, Ralph
Adaptive Information
Improving Business Through Semantic Interoperability, Grid Computing, and Enterprise Integration
ISBN 978-0-471-48854-5

Mitchell, Katharyne (ed.)
Practising Public Scholarship
Experiences and Possibilities Beyond the Academy
ISBN 978-1-4051-8912-5

Center for Chemical Process Safety (CCPS)
Guidelines for Auditing Process Safety Management Systems
ISBN 978-0-470-28235-9

Carr, David M. / Conway, Colleen M.
An Introduction to the Bible
Sacred Texts and Imperial Contexts
ISBN 978-1-4051-6737-6

Keefe, Susan Emley (ed.)
NAPA Bulletin, Number 8, Negotiating Ethnicity
The Impact of Anthropological Theory and Practice
ISBN 978-0-913167-32-8

Aksamija, Ajla
Sustainable Facades
Design Methods for High-Performance Building Envelopes
ISBN 978-1-118-45860-0

Rumford, Chris
The European Union
A Political Sociology
ISBN 978-0-631-22618-5

Iyengar, S. Sitharama / Parameshwaran, Nandan / Phoha, Vir V. / Balakrishnan, N. / Okoye, Chuka D.
Fundamentals of Sensor Network Programming
Applications and Technology
ISBN 978-0-470-87614-5

Chiwitt, Ulrich
Kapitalismus - eine Liebeserklärung
Warum die Marktwirtschaft uns allen nützt
ISBN 978-3-527-50551-7

Oedipus the King and Antigone
ISBN 978-0-88295-094-5




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