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Vanhaecke, Frank / Degryse, Patrick (eds.)
Isotopic Analysis
Fundamentals and Applications Using ICP-MS

1. Edition June 2012
97.90 Euro
2012. XXI, 529 Pages, Hardcover
137 Fig. (3 Colored Fig.), 22 Tab. 
- Practical Approach Book -
ISBN 978-3-527-32896-3 - Wiley-VCH, Weinheim


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Short description
A practical guide to ICP-MS, providing an overview of the wide range of applications covering everything from geochronological dating to ecotoxicology and biomedical applications.

From the contents
PrefaceTHE ISOTOPIC COMPOSITION OF THE ELEMENTSAtomic StructureIsotopesRelation Between Atomic Structure and Natural Abundance of Elements and IsotopesNatural Isotopic Composition of the ElementsSINGLE-COLLECTOR INDUCTIVELY COUPLED PLASMA MASS SPECTROMETRYMass SpectrometryThe Inductively Coupled Plasma Ion SourceBasic Operating Principles of Mass SpectrometersQuadrupole-Based ICP-MSSample Introduction Strategies in ICP-MSSpectral InterferencesMeasuring Isotope Ratios with Single-Collector ICP-MSMULTI-COLLECTOR INDUCTIVELY COUPLED PLASMA MASS SPECTROMETRYIntroductionEarly Multi-Collector Mass SpectrometersVariable Multi-Collector Mass SpectrometersMass Resolution and Resolving PowerThree-Isotope Plots for Measurement ValidationDetector Technologies for Multi-CollectionConclusionADVANCES IN LASER ABLATION-MULTI-COLLECTOR INDUCTIVELY COUPLED PLASMA MASS SPECTROMETRYPrecision of Isotope Ratio MeasurementsStable Signal Intensity Profiles: Why So Important?Signal Smoothing DeviceMultiple Ion CountingIsotope Fractionation During Laser Ablation and IonizationStandardization of the Isotope Ratio DataCORRECTION OF INSTRUMENTAL MASS DISCRIMINATION FOR ISOTOPE RATIO DETERMINATION WITH MULTI-COLLECTOR INDUCTIVELY COUPLED PLASMA MASS SPECTROMETRYHistorical IntroductionMass Bias in MC-ICP-MSSystematics of Mass Bias Correction ModelsLogic of Conventional Correction ModelsPitfalls with Some Correction ModelsIntegrity of the Correction ModelsThe Regression ModelCalibration with Double SpikesCalibration with Internal CorrectionUncertainty EvaluationConclusionREFERENCE MATERIALS IN ISOTOPIC ANALYSISIntroductionTerminologyDetermination of Isotope Amount RatiosIsotopic Reference MaterialsPresent Status, Related Problems, and SolutionsConclusion and OutlookQUALITY CONTROL IN ISOTOPE RATIO APPLICATIONSIntroductionTerminology and DefinitionsMeasurement UncertaintyConclusionDETERMINATION OF TRACE ELEMENTS AND ELEMENTAL SPECIES USING ISOTOPE DILUTION INDUCTIVELY COUPLED PLASMA MASS SPECTROMETRYIntroductionFundamentalsSelected Examples of Trace Element Determination via ICP-IDMSGEOCHRONOLOGICAL DATINGGeochronology: PrinciplesPracticalitiesVarious Isotopic SystemsSystems for Which ICP-MS Analysis Brings Fewer AdvantagesAPPLICATION OF MULTIPLE-COLLECTOR INDUCTIVELY COUPLED PLASMA MASS SPECTROMETRY TO ISOTOPIC ANALYSIS IN COSMOCHEMISTRYIntroductionExtraterrestrial SamplesOrigin of Cosmochemical Isotopic VariationsUse of MC-ICP-MS in CosmochemistryApplications of MC-ICP-MS in CosmochemistryConclusionESTABLISHING THE BASIS FOR USING STABLE ISOTOPE RATIOS OF METALS AS PALEOREDOX PROCIESIntroductionIsotope Ratios of Metals as Paleoredox ProxiesDiagenesis: a Critical Area for Further WorkISOTOPES AS TRACERS OF ELEMENTS ACROSS THE GEOSPHERE-BIOSPHERE INTERFACEDescription of the Geosphere-Biosphere InterfaceElements That Typify the Geosphere-Biosphere InterfaceMicrobes at the InterfaceElement Tracing in Environmental Science and Exploration of Metal DepositsIsotopes as Indicators of PaleoenvironmentsTracing the Geosphere Effect on Vegetation and AnimalsTracing in the Marine EnvironmentFuture DirectionsARCHEOMETRIC APPLICATIONSIntroductionCurrent ApplicationsNew ApplicationsConclusionFORENSIC APPLICATIONSIntroductionForensic Applications Based on ICP-MS Isotopic AnalysisFuture OutlookNUCLEAR APPLICATIONSIntroductionRationaleProcess Control and Monitoring in the Nuclear IndustryIsotopic Studies of the Distribution of U and Pu in the EnvironmentNuclear ForensicsProspects for Future DevelopmentsTHE USE OF STABLE ISOTOPE TECHNIQUES FOR STUDYING MINERAL AND TRACE ELEMENT METABOLISM IN HUMANSEssential ElementsStable Isotopic Labels Versus RadiotracersQuantification of Stable Isotopic TracersIsotope Labeling TechniquesConcepts of Using Tracers in Studies of Element Metabolism in HumansICP-MS in Stable Isotope-Based Metabolic StudiesElement-by-Element ReviewISOTOPIC ANALYSIS VIA MULTI-COLLECTOR INDUCTIVELY COUPLED PLASMA MASS SPECTROMETRY IN ELEMENTAL SPECIATIONIntroductionAdvantage of On-Line versus Off-Line Separation of Elemental SpeciesCoupling Chromatography with MC-ICP-MSEnvironmental and Other ApplicationsConclusion and Future Trends



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