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Glenn, Sam / McKinley, Doug / Carbonara, Scott
Go Positive! Lead to Engage Deluxe Facilitator's Guide Set

1. Edition October 2012
222.- Euro
2012. 474 Pages, Looseleaf in Binder
- Wiley & Sons Ltd -
ISBN 978-0-470-90715-3 - John Wiley & Sons

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Unleash the Power of a Fully-Engaged Workforce

Recent Gallup research reveals that a shocking 71% of U.S.employees are either "not on board" or "actively hostile" when itcomes to delivering on the needs of the organization and itscustomers. Given the clear advantages of engagement and the costsof disengagement, how can managers maximize the attitudes--andultimately, the performance --of their employees, even amidstvery chaotic and uncertain times?

Based on the most recent behavioral, and psychological researchand the authors' collective, combined 60-plus years of experiencefostering positive attitudes, Go Positive! Lead to Engageoffers a concise, clear, easy-to-implement formula for engagingemployees from the inside out that will create a difference in anyworkplace. The program utilizes a positive--rather thanpunitive--approach to helping employees be internallymotivated for success and ensures a deeper, more long-lasting levelof engagement and loyalty in the workplace. Workshop participantswill gain
* A heightened awareness about what it takes to increase employeeengagement;
* An amplified focus on the key priorities that must becomealigned to achieve corporate goals;
* An increased activity level on the high-return behaviors thatgenerate improved engagement and productivity.

This Facilitator's Guide includes everything you need toconduct one-day or half-day workshops: a customizable outline ofthe Go Positive model; a one-day workshop script, includingexercises; a flash drive with presentation slides to accompany theworkshop; a sample Participant Workbook: a poster and reminder cardof the Go Positive model; and a copy of Sam Glenn's A Kick in the Attitude.



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