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Related books
Seborg, Dale E. / Mellichamp, Duncan A. / Edgar, Thomas F.
Process Dynamics and Control
International Student Version
ISBN 978-0-470-64610-6

Duke, Mikel / Zhao, Dongyuan / Semiat, Raphael (eds.)
Functional Nanostructured Materials and Membranes for Water Treatment
ISBN 978-3-527-32987-8

Minuth, Will W. / Strehl, Raimund / Schumacher, Karl
Zukunftstechnologie Tissue Engineering
Von der Zellbiologie zum künstlichen Gewebe
ISBN 978-3-527-30793-7

Bart, Hans-Jörg / Pilz, Stephan (eds.)
Industrial Scale Natural Products Extraction
ISBN 978-3-527-32504-7

Stewart, Warren E. / Caracotsios, Michael
Computer-Aided Modeling of Reactive Systems
ISBN 978-0-470-27495-8

Doglia, Silvia Maria / Lotti, Marina (eds.)
Protein Aggregation in Bacteria
Functional and Structural Properties of Inclusion Bodies in Bacterial Cells
ISBN 978-1-118-44852-6

Sattler, Klaus / Adrian, Till
Thermische Trennverfahren
Aufgaben und Auslegungsbeispiele
ISBN 978-3-527-31022-7

DeRosa, Thomas F.
Patent Applications
A Tool for Identifying Advances in Polymer Chemistry R & D
ISBN 978-0-470-47228-6

Cullis, Christopher A.
Plant Genomics and Proteomics
ISBN 978-0-471-37314-8

Bröckel, Ulrich / Meier, Willi / Wagner, Gerhard (eds.)
Product Design and Engineering
Formulation of Gels and Pastes
ISBN 978-3-527-33220-5

Sharma, Naveen K. / Rai, Ashawani K. / Stal, Lucas J.
An Economic Perspective
ISBN 978-1-119-94127-9

Felder, Richard M. / Rousseau, Ronald W.
Elementary Principles of Chemical Processes
2005 Edition Integrated Media and Study Tools, 3rd Update Edition
ISBN 978-0-470-50865-7

Touhill, C. Joseph / Touhill, Gregory / O'Riordan, Thomas
Commercialization of Innovative Technologies
Bringing Good Ideas to the Marketplace
ISBN 978-0-470-23007-7

Griskey, Richard G.
Transport Phenomena and Unit Operations
A Combined Approach
ISBN 978-0-471-99814-3

Leonov, Eugeniy G. / Isaev, Valeriy I.
Applied Hydroaeromechanics in Oil and Gas Drilling
ISBN 978-0-470-48756-3

Brazel, Christopher S. / Rosen, Stephen L.
Fundamental Principles of Polymeric Materials
ISBN 978-0-470-50542-7

Smith, Peter
Applications of Fluidization to Food Processing
ISBN 978-0-632-06456-4

Kirk-Othmer (ed.)
Kirk-Othmer Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology
Volume 12
ISBN 978-0-471-48511-7

Agar, Nicholas
Liberal Eugenics
In Defence of Human Enhancement
ISBN 978-1-4051-2389-1

Shamsuddin, M. / TMS
Physical Chemistry of Metallurgical Processes
ISBN 978-1-119-07833-3

Olevsky, E. A. / Bordia, Rajendra (eds.)
Advances in Sintering Science and Technology
Ceramic Transactions, Volume 209
ISBN 978-0-470-40849-0

Tsotsas, Evangelos / Mujumdar, Arun S. (eds.)
Modern Drying Technology
Volume 2: Experimental Techniques
ISBN 978-3-527-31557-4

McGlinchey, Don
Characterisation of Bulk Solids
ISBN 978-1-4051-1624-4

Ahr, W. M.
Geology of Carbonate Reservoirs
The Identification, Description and Characterization of Hydrocarbon Reservoirs in Carbonate Rocks
ISBN 978-0-470-16491-4

Hill, David
Design Engineering of Biomaterials for Medical Devices
ISBN 978-0-471-96708-8




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