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Block, Eric (ed.)
Heteroatom Chemistry

1. Edition July 1990
255.- Euro
1990. 376 Pages, Hardcover
135 Fig., 41 Tab. 
- Monograph -
ISBN 978-0-471-18731-8 - John Wiley & Sons

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Detailed description
This is one of the first books to deal in a broader manner with all important elements described as main group non metals. It is especially useful for graduate students and researchers who need a concise introduction to current 'hot' areas of research for the principle heteroatoms (sulfur, phosphorus, boron, silicon, tin etc.). The references are up-to-date, and the subject index is extensive.

From the contents

Chapter 1. New Chemistry of Fused 1,2,3-Selenadiazoles and 1,2,3-Thiadiazoles

Wataru Ando and Norihiro Tokitoh

Chapter 2. Organosilicon Chemistry: A Synergistic Relation between Theory and Experiment

Yitzhak Apeloig

Chapter 3. Electron-Rich Bonding at Low-Coordination Main Group Element Centers

Anthony J. Arduengo, III, and David A. Dixon

Chapter 4. New Aspects of Organosulfur and Selenium Chemistry: The Selenosulfonation Reaction

Thomas G. Back, Kurt Brunner, M. Vijaya Krishna, Enoch K. Y. Lai, and K. Raman Muralidharan

Chapter 5. Ligand Coupling in Bismuth and Lead Derivatives

Derek H. R. Barton

Chapter 6. Cycloaddition Reactions and Rearrangements of Stable Silenes and their Derivatives

Adrian G. Brook

Chapter 7. Carbanion Production by Reductive Cleavage of Carbon-Sulfur and Carbon-Oxygen Bonds

Theodore Cohen

Chapter 8. Asymmetric Reactions of Atropisomeric Sulfur Compounds

Sergio Cossu, Ottorino De Lucchi, Davide Fabbri, Maria Paola Fois, and Paola Maglioli

Chapter 9. Reactions of Sulfoxides with Organometallic Reagents: Is Sulfurane an Intermediate?

Naomichi Furukawa

Chapter 10. Facile Syntheses of Unsaturated Aldehydes, Ketones, Amides, and Related Natural Products via Arsonium Salts

Yao-Zeng Huang, Li-Lan Shi, Jian-Hua Yang, Wen-Juan Xiao, Sao-Wei Li, and Wei-Bo Wang

Chapter 11. Efficient Asymmetric Syntheses of Chiral Sulfoxides and Some Synthetic Applications

Henri B. Kagan

Chapter 12. Original Syntheses of Molecules Containing Adjacent Quaternary Carbons

A. Krief, J. L. Laboureur, M. Hobe, and P. Barbeaux

Chapter 13. A Review of Multidentate Lewis Acid Chemistry

Henry G. Kuivila

Chapter 14. The Interaction of Group IVB (14) Elements with Positive Charge on a Beta Carbon

Joseph B. Lambert, Gen-tai Wang, and Erik C. Chelius

Chapter 15. Synthesis and Structures of Some Novel Organic Compounds Containing Boron and Phosphorus

Anthony G. Avent, Michael F. Lappert, Brian Skelton, Colin L. Raston, Lutz M. Engelhardt, Stephen Harvey, and Allan H. White

Chapter 16. Stereochemistry of Sulfoxide and Its Application to Synthesis

Atsuyoshi Ohno

Chapter 17. Phosphaalkynes-New Building Blocks in Heteroatom Chemistry

Manfred Regitz

Chapter 18. Recent Advances in Silicon-Containing Cyclic Polyacetylenes

Hideki Sakurai

Chapter 19. Unusual Bonding between Bismuth and Carbon in Bismuth Pentaaryls: The Color Problem of Bi(C_6H_5)_5

Konrad Seppelt

Chapter 20. Syntheses and Structures of Copper and Silver Cluster Complexes with Sulfur-Containing Ligands

Kaluo Tang and Youqi Tang




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