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Olah, George A. / Molnár, Árpád
Hydrocarbon Chemistry

2. Edition May 2003
265.- Euro
2003. 872 Pages, Hardcover
- Handbook/Reference Book -
ISBN 978-0-471-41782-8 - John Wiley & Sons

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Short description
Written by George Olah, winner of the Nobel Prize, this book provides a comprehensive reference covering basic research processes as well as industrial applications. For this Second Edition, each chapter is updated with current developments in the field.

From the contents
Preface to the Second Edition.Preface to the First Edition.Introduction.Chapter 1. General Aspects.1.1. Hydrocarbons and Their Classes.1.2. Energy-Hydrocarbon Relationship.1.3. Hydrocarbon Sources and Separation.1.4. Petroleum Refining and Upgrading.1.5. Finite, Nonrenewable Hydrocarbon Resources.1.6. Hydrocarbon Synthesis.1.7. Chemical Nature of Hydrocarbon Conversion Reactions.1.8. Use of Hydrocarbons.References and Notes.Chapter 2. Hydrocarbon from Petroleum and Natural Gas.2.1. Cracking.2.2. Reforming.2.3. Dehydrogenation with Olefin Production.2.4. Upgrading of Natural-Gas Liquids.2.5. Aromatics Production.2.6. Recent Developments.References.Chapter 3. Synthesis from C1 Sources.3.1. Nature's C1 Chemistry.3.2. The Chemical Reduction and Recycling of CO2.3.3. Fischer-Tropsch Chemistry.3.4. Direct Coupling of Methane.3.5. Hydrocarbons through Methane Derivatives.3.6. Recent Developments.References.Chapter 4. Isomerization.4.1. Acid-Catalyzed Isomerization.4.2. Base-Catalyzed Isomerization.4.3. Metal-Catalyzed Isomerization.4.4. Pericyclic Rearrangements.4.5. Practical Applications.4.6. Recent Developments.References.Chapter 5.1 Alkylation.5.1. Acid-Catalyzed Alkylation.5.2. Base-Catalyzed Alkylation.5.3. Alkylation through Organometallics.5.4. Miscellaneous Alkylations.5.5. Practical Applications.5.6. Recent Developments.References.Chapter 6. Addition.6.1. Hydration.6.2. HX addition.6.3. Halogen Addition.6.4. Ammonia and Amine Addition.6.5. Hydrometallation.6.6. Halometallation.6.7. Solvometallation.6.8. Carbometallation.6.9. Cycloaddition.6.10. Recent Developments.References.Chapter 7. Carbonylation.7.1. Hydroformylation.7.2. Carboxylation.7.3. Aminomethylation.7.4. Recent Developments.References.Chapter 8. Acylation.8.1. Acylation of Aromatics.8.2. Related Acylations.8.3. Acylation of Aliphatic Compounds.References.Chapter 9. Oxidation-Oxygenation.9.1. Oxidation of Alkanes.9.2. Oxidation of Alkenes.9.3. Oxidation of Alkynes.9.4. Oxidation of Aromatics.9.5. Practical Applications.9.6. Recent Developments.References.Chapter 10. Heterosubstitution.10.1. Electrophilic (Acid-Catalyzed) Substitution.10.2. Free-Radical Substitution.10.3. Amination.10.4. Heterosubstitution through Organometallics.10.5. Recent Developments.References.Chapter 11. Reduction-Hydrogenation.11.1. Heterogeneous Catalytic Hydrogenation.11.2. Homogeneous Catalytic Hydrogenation.11.3. Chemical and Electrochemical Reduction.11.4. Ionic Hydrogenation.11.5. Hydrogenolysis of Saturated Hydrocarbons.11.6. Practical Applications.11.7. Recent Developments.References.Chapter 12. Metathesis.12.1. Acyclic Alkenes.12.2. Ring-Opening Metathesis Polymerization.12.3. Practical Applications.12.4. Recent Developments.References.Chapter 13. Oligomerization and Polymerization.13.1. Oligomerization.13.2. Polymerization.13.3. Recent Developments.References.Chapter 14. Emerging Areas and Trends.14.1. Green Chemistry.14.2 Carbon Dioxide Recycling to HydrocarbonsReferences.Index.



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