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Related books
Crich, David / Fuchs, Philip L. / Molander, Gary (eds.)
Encyclopedia of Reagents for Organic Synthesis
ISBN 978-0-470-01754-8

Ramirez-Alvarado, Marina / Kelly, Jeffery W. / Dobson, Christopher M. (eds.)
Protein Misfolding Diseases
Current and Emerging Principles and Therapies
ISBN 978-0-471-79928-3

Steinbüchel, Alexander / De Baets, Sophie / Vandamme, Erick J. (eds.)
Vol. 6: Polysaccharides II: Polysaccharides from Eukaryotes
ISBN 978-3-527-30227-7

Ali, Imran / Aboul-Enein, Hassan Y.
Nano Chromatography and Capillary Electrophoresis
Pharmaceutical and Environmental Analyses
ISBN 978-0-470-17851-5

Bladon, Christine
Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Therapeutic Aspects of Biomacromolecules
ISBN 978-0-471-49636-6

Freshney, R. Ian / Stacey, Glyn N. / Auerbach, Jonathan M.
Culture of Human Stem Cells
ISBN 978-0-470-05246-4

Gordon, Eric M. / Kerwin, James F. (eds.)
Combinatorial Chemistry and Molecular Diversity in Drug Discovery
ISBN 978-0-471-15518-8

Bryers, James D. (ed.)
Biofilms II
Process Analysis and Applications
ISBN 978-0-471-29656-0

Blaser, Hans-Ulrich / Federsel, Hans-Jürgen (eds.)
Asymmetric Catalysis on Industrial Scale
Challenges, Approaches and Solutions
ISBN 978-3-527-32489-7

Parr, Maria Kristina / Opfermann, Georg / Schänzer, Wilhelm
Mass Spectra of Physiologically Active Substances-
Including drugs, steroid hormones,and endocrine disruptors 2011
ISBN 978-3-527-33080-5

Jelinek, Raz (ed.)
Cellular and Biomolecular Recognition
Synthetic and non-Biological Molecules
ISBN 978-3-527-32265-7

Denmark, Scott E. (ed.)
Organic Reactions
Volume 75
ISBN 978-0-470-88907-7

Dewick, Paul M.
Medicinal Natural Products
A Biosynthetic Approach
ISBN 978-0-470-74167-2

Moloney, Mark G. (ed.)
Structure and Reactivity in Organic Chemistry
ISBN 978-1-4051-1451-6

Sierra, Miguel A. / de la Torre, Maria C. / Cossio, Fernando P.
More Dead Ends and Detours
En Route to Successful Total Synthesis
ISBN 978-3-527-32976-2

Messerschmidt, Albrecht
X-Ray Crystallography of Biomacromolecules
A Practical Guide
ISBN 978-3-527-31396-9

Meyers, Robert A. (ed.)
From Drug Development to Gene Therapy
ISBN 978-3-527-32343-2

Kavanagh, Kevin (ed.)
Medical Mycology
Cellular and Molecular Techniques
ISBN 978-0-470-01923-8

Niemeyer, Christof M. / Mirkin, Chad A. (eds.)
Concepts, Applications and Perspectives
ISBN 978-3-527-30658-9

Heinzle, Elmar / Biwer, Arno P. / Cooney, Charles L.
Development of Sustainable Bioprocesses
Modeling and Assessment
ISBN 978-0-470-01559-9

Wesselingh, Johannes A. / Kiil, Soren / Vigild, Martin E.
Design and Development of Biological, Chemical, Food and Pharmaceutical Products
ISBN 978-0-470-06154-1

Gu, W.
Gene Discovery for Disease Models
ISBN 978-0-470-49946-7

Hill, David
Design Engineering of Biomaterials for Medical Devices
ISBN 978-0-471-96708-8

Grogan, Gideon
Practical Biotransformations
A Beginner's Guide
ISBN 978-1-4051-9367-2

Zhang, Donglu / Surapaneni, Sekhar (eds.)
ADME-Enabling Technologies in Drug Design and Development
ISBN 978-0-470-54278-1




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