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Related books
Burke, Anthony J. / Silva Marques, Carolina
Catalytic Arylation Methods
From the Academic Lab to Industrial Processes
ISBN 978-3-527-33518-3

Höltje, Hans-Dieter / Sippl, Wolfgang / Rognan, Didier / Folkers, Gerd
Molecular Modeling
Basic Principles and Applications
ISBN 978-3-527-31568-0

Ojima, Iwao (ed.)
Catalytic Asymmetric Synthesis
ISBN 978-0-470-17577-4

Pollak, Peter
Fine Chemicals
The Industry and the Business
ISBN 978-0-470-62767-9

Hill, David
Design Engineering of Biomaterials for Medical Devices
ISBN 978-0-471-96708-8

Milne, G. W. A. / Zeman, E. J. (eds.)
Ashgate Handbook of Cardiovascular Agents
ISBN 978-0-566-08386-0

Lackey, Karen
Gene Family Targeted Molecular Design
ISBN 978-0-470-41289-3

Bladon, Christine
Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Therapeutic Aspects of Biomacromolecules
ISBN 978-0-471-49637-3

Brock, William J. / Mounho, Barbara / Fu, Lijie (eds.)
The Role of the Study Director in Nonclinical Studies
Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Medical Devices, and Pesticides
ISBN 978-1-118-37039-1

Hansen, Steen / Pedersen-Bjergaard, Stig / Rasmussen, Knut
Introduction to Pharmaceutical Chemical Analysis
ISBN 978-0-470-66122-2

Kokosa, John M / Przyjazny, Andrzej / Jeannot, Michael
Solvent Microextraction
Theory and Practice
ISBN 978-0-470-27859-8

Dübel, Stefan / Reichert, Janice M. (eds.)
Handbook of Therapeutic Antibodies
ISBN 978-3-527-32937-3

Lutz, Stefan / Bornscheuer, Uwe Theo (eds.)
Protein Engineering Handbook
Volume 3
ISBN 978-3-527-33123-9

Cohen, Steven A. / Schure, Mark R. (eds.)
Multidimensional Liquid Chromatography
Theory and Applications in Industrial Chemistry and the Life Sciences
ISBN 978-0-471-73847-3

Sun, Hongzhe (ed.)
Biological Chemistry of Arsenic, Antimony and Bismuth
ISBN 978-0-470-71390-7

Meksem, Khalid / Kahl, Günter (eds.)
The Handbook of Plant Genome Mapping
Genetic and Physical Mapping
ISBN 978-3-527-31116-3

Diaspro, Alberto (ed.)
Confocal and Two-Photon Microscopy
Foundations, Applications and Advances
ISBN 978-0-471-40920-5

Nicolaou, K. C. / Montagnon, Tamsyn
Molecules that Changed the World
ISBN 978-3-527-30983-2

Salzer, Reiner / Siesler, Heinz W. (eds.)
Infrared and Raman Spectroscopic Imaging
ISBN 978-3-527-33652-4

Tietze, Lutz F. / Eicher, Theophil / Diederichsen, Ulf / Speicher, Andreas
Reactions and Syntheses
in the Organic Chemistry Laboratory
ISBN 978-3-527-31223-8

Schneider, Gisbert (ed.)
De novo Molecular Design
ISBN 978-3-527-33461-2

Borbye, Lisbeth / Stocum, Michael / Woodall, Alan / Pearce, Cedric / Sale, Elaine / Barrett, William / Clontz, Lucia / Peterson, Amy / Shaeffer, John
Industry Immersion Learning
Real-Life Industry Case-Studies in Biotechnology and Business
ISBN 978-3-527-32408-8

Knudsen, Steen
Guide to Analysis of DNA Microarray Data
ISBN 978-0-471-65604-3

McCarthy, James R. / Yang, Hsiu-Chiung / Yeh, Wu-Kuang
Enzyme Technologies
Metagenomics, Evolution, Biocatalysis and Biosynthesis
ISBN 978-0-470-28624-1

Ho, Tse-Lok
Carbocycle Construction in Terpene Synthesis
ISBN 978-0-471-18679-3




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