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Related books
Fundamentals, Applications and Recent Developments
ISBN 978-3-527-32885-7

Sarker, Dipak Kumar
Quality Systems and Controls for Pharmaceuticals
ISBN 978-0-470-05693-6

Sarker, Satyajit / Nahar, Lutfun
Chemistry for Pharmacy Students
General, Organic and Natural Product Chemistry
ISBN 978-0-470-01780-7

Sawamura, Masayoshi (ed.)
Citrus Essential Oils
Flavor and Fragrance
ISBN 978-0-470-37218-0

Kim, Se-Kwon (ed.)
Marine Microbiology
Bioactive Compounds and Biotechnological Applications
ISBN 978-3-527-33327-1

Zatz, Joel L. / Teixeira, Maria Glaucia
Pharmaceutical Calculations
ISBN 978-0-471-43353-8

Tietze, Lutz F. / Eicher, Theophil / Diederichsen, Ulf / Speicher, Andreas
Reactions and Syntheses
in the Organic Chemistry Laboratory
ISBN 978-3-527-31223-8

Challener, Cynthia A.
Chiral Intermediates and Chiral Drugs, 2 Volume Set
ISBN 978-0-566-08375-4

Meister, Gunter
RNA Biology
An Introduction
ISBN 978-3-527-32278-7

Phoenix, David A. / Dennison, Sarah R. / Harris, Frederick
Antimicrobial Peptides
ISBN 978-3-527-33263-2

Huxsoll, Jean F.
Quality Assurance for Biopharmaceuticals
ISBN 978-0-471-03656-2

Brückner, Hans / Fujii, Noriko (eds.)
D-Amino Acids in Chemistry, Life Sciences, and Biotechnology
ISBN 978-3-906390-65-9

Ho, Anthony Dick / Hoffman, Ronald / Zanjani, Esmail D. (eds.)
Stem Cell Transplantation
Biology, Processes, Therapy
ISBN 978-3-527-31018-0

Katz, Evgeny (ed.)
Molecular and Supramolecular Information Processing
From Molecular Switches to Logic Systems
ISBN 978-3-527-33195-6

Buchholz, Klaus / Collins, John
Concepts in Biotechnology
History, Science and Business
ISBN 978-3-527-31766-0

Royer, Jacques (ed.)
Asymmetric Synthesis of Nitrogen Heterocycles
ISBN 978-3-527-32036-3

Schmidt, Stefan R. (ed.)
Fusion Protein Technologies for Biopharmaceuticals
Applications and Challenges
ISBN 978-0-470-64627-4

McLennan, Alexander / Bates, Andy / Turner, Phil / White, Mike
für Biologen, Biochemiker, Pharmazeuten und Mediziner
ISBN 978-3-527-33476-6

Milne, G. W. A. / Zeman, E. J. (eds.)
Ashgate Handbook of Cardiovascular Agents
ISBN 978-0-566-08386-0

Li, Jie Jack / Corey, E. J.
Name Reactions Series
ISBN 978-0-470-94032-7

Li, Jie Jack (ed.)
Name Reactions in Heterocyclic Chemistry
ISBN 978-0-471-30215-5

Minuth, Will W. / Strehl, Raimund / Schumacher, Karl
Zukunftstechnologie Tissue Engineering
Von der Zellbiologie zum künstlichen Gewebe
ISBN 978-3-527-30793-7

Frank, Patricia / Ottoboni, M. Alice
The Dose Makes the Poison
A Plain-Language Guide to Toxicology
ISBN 978-0-470-38112-0

Smith, Michael B.
Compendium of Organic Synthetic Methods, Volume 13
ISBN 978-1-118-79168-4

Subramanian, Ganapathy (ed.)
Biopharmaceutical Production Technology
ISBN 978-3-527-33029-4




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