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Hunger, Klaus (ed.)
Industrial Dyes
Chemistry, Properties, Applications

1. Edition December 2002
299.- Euro
2002. XXIV, 624 Pages, Hardcover
34 Fig., 59 Tab. 
- Handbook/Reference Book -
ISBN 978-3-527-30426-4 - Wiley-VCH, Weinheim

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Short description
What would life be like without color? The present reference work on Industrial Dyes provides a comprehensive review of the chemistry, properties and applications of the most important groups of industrial dyes, including optical brighteners. It also outlines the latest developments in the area of functional dyes.The book is aimed at all professionals who are involved in the synthesis, production, manufacture or application of dyes and will prove to be an indispensable guide to all chemists, engineers and technicians in dye science and industry.

From the contents
DYES - GENERAL SURVEYIMPORTANT CHEMICAL CHROMOPHORS OF DYE CLASSES (GENERAL SYNTHESIS - PRINCIPAL PROPERTIES)Azo ChromophorAnthraquinone and Anthraquinone Related ChromophorsIndigoid ChrmophorCationic Compounds as ChromophorPolymethine and Related ChromophorsDi- and Triarylcarbonium and Related ChromophorsPhthalocyanine ChromophorSulfur Compounds as ChromophorMetal Complexes as ChromophorFluorescent DyesOther Chromophores (Quinophthalones, Nitro/Nitroso, Stilbene, Formazanes)DYE CLASSES FOR PRINCIPAL APPLICATIONS (CHEMICAL CONSTITUTION - SYNTHESIS - INDUSTRIAL IMPORTANT DYES)Reactive DyesDisperse DyesDirect DyesAnthraquinone Vat DyesIndigoid DyesSulfur DyesCationic Azo DyesCationic Methine DyesAcid DyesSolvent DyesMetal Complex DyesNaphthoquinone DyesTEXTILE DYEING (DYEING PRINCIPLE - APPLICATION - DYEING TECHNIQUE - PROPERTIES OF DYEINGS)Textile DyeingIntroductionReactive Dyes on Cellulose and Other FibersDirect Dyes on Cellulose FibersAnthraquinone Vat Dyes on CelluloseLeuco Esters of Vat Dyes on CelluloseDyeing with IndigoSulfur Dyes on CelluloseAzoic (Naphtol AS) Dyes on CelluloseDyeing Cellulose with Other Dye ClassesAcid and Metal Complex Dyes on Wool and SilkAcid and Metal Complex Dyes on PolyamideDisperse Dyes on Polyester and Other Man-made FibersDisperse Dyes on other FibersCationic Dyes on Acrylic FibersNON-TEXTILE DYEING (DYEING PRINCIPLE - DYE CLASS - DYEING TECHNIQUE - PROPERTIES OF DYEING)Leather DyesFur DyesHair DyesFood DyesInk DyesPhotographic DyesIndicator DyesFUNCTIONAL DYES (SPECIAL INDUSTRIAL DYES)OPTICAL BRIGHTENERSECOLOGY, TOXICOLOGY, LEGISLATION



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