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Zimmermann, Klaus / Begg, David / Wyplosz, Charles (eds.)
Economic Policy 22
Economic Policy (Volume 22)

1. Edition June 1996
33.90 Euro
1996. 240 Pages, Softcover
ISBN 978-0-631-20305-6 - John Wiley & Sons

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Detailed description
Economic Policy is written for all those with an informed interest in economic policy problems. All articles are submitted to rigorous scrutiny by a panel of distinguished economists from around the world, resulting in a volume of authoritative and accessible articles, each followed by the comments of panel members. Issue 22 covers the following topics: lessons from the collapse of the Mexican Peso, gains to Austria from accession to the EU, output expansions during stabilization from high inflation and regulation of the information superhighway.

From the contents
1. Promoting the Superhighway: Telecommunications Regulation in Europe: Paul Grout (University of Bristol).

2. Austria in the European Union: Christian Keuschnigg and Wilhelm Kohler (Institute for Advanced Studies, Vienna and University of Linz).

3. The Collapse of the Mexican Peso: What have we Learned ? : Jeffrey Sachs, Aaron Tornell and Andres Velasco (Harvard Institute for International Development, Harvard University and New York University).

4. When is Stabilization Expansionary ? William Easterly (World Bank).

5. Return Migration: The European Experience: Christian Dustmann (University College London).



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