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Balageas, Daniel / Fritzen, Claus-Peter / Güemes, Alfredo (eds.)
Structural Health Monitoring

1. Edition January 2006
212.- Euro
2006. 496 Pages, Hardcover
ISBN 978-1-905209-01-9 - John Wiley & Sons

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Detailed description
This book is organized around the various sensing techniques used to achieve structural health monitoring. Its main focus is on sensors, signal and data reduction methods and inverse techniques, which enable the identification of the physical parameters, affected by the presence of the damage, on which a diagnostic is established.

Structural Health Monitoring is not oriented by the type of applications or linked to special classes of problems, but rather presents broader families of techniques: vibration and modal analysis; optical fibre sensing; acousto-ultrasonics, using piezoelectric transducers; and electric and electromagnetic techniques.

Each chapter has been written by specialists in the subject area who possess a broad range of practical experience. The book will be accessible to students and those new to the field, but the exhaustive overview of present research and development, as well as the numerous references provided, also make it required reading for experienced researchers and engineers.

From the contents

Chapter 1. Introduction to SHM (Daniel L. Balageas).

Chapter 2. Vibration-based techniques for SHM (Claus-Peter Fritzen).

Chapter 3. Fiber-optics sensors (Alfredo Güemes and José M. Menendez).

Chapter 4. SHM with piezoelectric sensors (Philippe Guy and Thomas Monnier).

Chapter 5. SHM using electrical resistance (Michelle Salvia and Jean-Christophe Abry).

Chapter 6. Low frequency electromagnetic techniques (Michel B. Lemistre).

Chapter 7. Capacitive methods for SHM in civil engineering (Xavier Dérobert and Jean Iaquinta).

Short Bibliographies of the Contributors.




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