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Larousse, Jean / Brown, Bruce E. (eds.)
Food Canning Technology

1. Edition July 1997
282.- Euro
1997. XX, 720 Pages, Hardcover
- Handbook/Reference Book -
ISBN 978-0-471-18610-6 - John Wiley & Sons

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Short description
The book offers a comprehensive review of the various scientific, technological and economical aspects of food product preservation. It examines the diverse problems which are associated with the stability of products such as meat, fish, vegetables, and fruit and thoroughly covers the methods and processing steps to maintain the quality of these foods.
Aimed at food scientists and food technologists, this book offers a better understanding of the nature of biochemical changes and aids in the improvement of product quality and self-life.

From the contents
From the Contents:

Meat and Fish/ Fruit and Vegetables/ The Microbiological Aspects/ Thermobacteriology/ Reception and Preparation of Fruit and Vegetables for Canning/ Fruit and Vegetables Preparation - Practical Applications/ Preparation of Meat and Meat Products/ Preparation of Fish and Shellfish for Canning/ Containers for Canned Foods/ Controlling Container Quality/ Heat Penetration in Canned Foods - Theoretical Considerations/ Determination of Heat Penetration Parameters/ Thermal Process - Development, Validation, Adjustment and Control/ Thermal Processing Equipment Systems/ Aseptic Processing and Packaging - Methods, Equipment and Materials/ Aseptic Processing and Packaging - Commercial Applications/ Post-Process Container Handling and Storage/ Quality Assurance of End Products



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