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Bailey, Michael / Clarke, Ben / Walton, John K.
Understanding Richard Hoggart
A Pedagogy of Hope

1. Edition December 2011
79.90 Euro
2011. 232 Pages, Hardcover
ISBN 978-1-4051-9302-3 - John Wiley & Sons

Also available as Softcover.

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Short description
With the resurgent interest in his work today, this is a timely reevaluation of this foundational figure in Cultural Studies, a critical but friendly review of both Hoggart's work and reputation.

From the contents
Foreword viiiAcknowledgements xIntroduction 11 Literature, Language, and Politics 16The Uses of Literature 18Hoggart in Context: Post-war Britain and the Leavises 21The Language of 'Theory' 30The Common Reader 34Democratic Criticism 382 The Politics of Autobiography 49Cultural Studies and Autobiography 51Generic Conventions 54Representing Working-Class Lives 59Situating the Critic 663 Working-Class Intellectuals and Democratic Scholarship 73Scholarship Boy 74University Adult Education and the Varieties of Learning 76The Grammar School and Working-Class Education 79'Working-Class Intellectuals' and the 'Great Tradition' 854 Cultural Studies and the Uses of History 94History and Cultural Studies 94Locating Richard Hoggart 96Richard Hoggart and the Emergence of Social History 102Historians and Richard Hoggart 119'Nostalgia', 'Romanticism', and 'Sentimentality': Recuperating Hoggart 1225 Media, Culture, and Society 134The BBC and Society 135The Emergence of Commercial Broadcasting and Pilkington 138Diversity, Authority, and Quality 145The Limits and Possibilities of Broadcasting in the Twenty-First Century 1546 Policy, Pedagogy, and Intellectuals 181An International Servant 183The Idea of University Adult Education 189The Role of the Intellectual 194Index 209



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