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Related books
Gibson, Rowan
The Four Lenses of Innovation
A Power Tool for Creative Thinking
ISBN 978-1-118-74024-8

Gini, Al / Green, Ronald M.
Ten Virtues of Outstanding Leaders
Leadership and Character
ISBN 978-0-470-67230-3

Heinecke, Hans Jürgen
Meetings sind Zeitverschwendung
Eine Expedition in die Welt der Business-Irrtümer
ISBN 978-3-527-50785-6

Stohr, Greg
A Black and White Case
How Affirmative Action Survived Its Greatest Legal Challenge
ISBN 978-1-57660-227-0

Ossola-Haring, Claudia
GmbH-Geschäftsführung für Dummies
ISBN 978-3-527-71147-5

Fuller, Steve
Science vs. Religion
ISBN 978-0-7456-4121-8

Giles, Steve
The Business Ethics Twin-Track
Combining Controls and Culture to Minimise Reputational Risk
ISBN 978-1-118-78537-9

Smith, Anthony F. / Hollihan, Keith
ESPN The Company
The Story and Lessons Behind the Most Fanatical Brand in Sports
ISBN 978-0-470-54211-8

Van Hasselt, Caroline
High Wire Act
Ted Rogers and the Empire that Debt Built
ISBN 978-0-470-15296-6

Altman, Nancy J.
The Battle for Social Security
From FDR's Vision To Bush's Gamble
ISBN 978-0-471-77172-2

Habermas, Jürgen
The Future of Human Nature
ISBN 978-0-7456-2986-5

Handy, Charles
The Future of Work
ISBN 978-0-85520-689-5

Ryder, Dan / Kingsbury, Justine / Williford, Kenneth (eds.)
Millikan and Her Critics
ISBN 978-0-470-65685-3

Friedman, Harry J.
No Thanks, I'm Just Looking
Sales Techniques for Turning Shoppers into Buyers
ISBN 978-1-118-15340-6

Oppenheimer, Jerry
Toy Monster
The Big, Bad World of Mattel
ISBN 978-0-470-37126-8

Hartley, Robert F.
Business Ethics
Violations of the Public Trust
ISBN 978-0-471-54591-0

Shenkman, Martin M.
The Complete Book of Trusts
ISBN 978-0-471-21458-8

Teufert, Gero
Techniken der Schlagfertigkeit für Dummies Das Hörbuch
ISBN 978-3-527-71000-3

Bortenlänger, Christine / Kirstein, Ulrich
Grundlagen der Börse für Dummies Hörbuch
ISBN 978-3-527-70495-8

Shelp, Ronald / Ehrbar, Al
Fallen Giant
The Amazing Story of Hank Greenberg and the History of AIG
ISBN 978-0-470-48002-1

Biggs, Barton
Wealth, War and Wisdom
ISBN 978-0-470-22307-9

Cohen, William A.
Building a Mail Order Business
A Complete Manual for Success
ISBN 978-0-471-10946-4

Bilton, Chris / Cummings, Stephen
Creative Strategy
Reconnecting Business and Innovation
ISBN 978-1-4051-8019-1

Maisel, Lawrence / Cokins, Gary
Predictive Business Analytics
Forward Looking Capabilities to Improve Business Performance
ISBN 978-1-118-17556-9

Heisterberg, Rodney / Verma, Alakh
Creating Business Agility
How Convergence of Cloud, Social, Mobile, Video, and Big Data Enables Competitive Advantage
ISBN 978-1-118-72456-9




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