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Related books
Swanepoel, Stefan
Surviving Your Serengeti
7 Skills to Master Business and Life
ISBN 978-0-470-94780-7

Gygi, Craig / Williams, Bruce / Gustafson, Terry
Six Sigma Workbook For Dummies
ISBN 978-0-470-04519-0

Firstenberg, Iris R. / Rubinstein, Moshe F.
Extraordinary Outcomes
Shaping an Otherwise Unpredictable Future
ISBN 978-1-118-93833-1

Davis, Gordon B. (ed.)
The Blackwell Encyclopedia of Management and Encyclopedic Dictionaries, The Blackwell Encyclopedic Dictionary of Management Information Systems
ISBN 978-0-631-21484-7

Altman, Nancy J.
The Battle for Social Security
From FDR's Vision To Bush's Gamble
ISBN 978-0-471-77172-2

Zinkin, John
Rebuilding Trust in Banks
The Role of Leadership and Governance
ISBN 978-1-118-55038-0

Sakar, Sahotra
Doubting Darwin?
Creationist Designs on Evolution
ISBN 978-1-4051-5490-1

Jaffe, Joseph / Albarda, Maarten
Zero Paid Media as the New Marketing Model
ISBN 978-1-118-80115-4

Burchell, Michael / Robin, Jennifer
The Great Workplace
How to Build It, How to Keep It, and Why It Matters
ISBN 978-0-470-59626-5

Sarkar, Sahotra / Plutynski, Anya (eds.)
A Companion to the Philosophy of Biology
ISBN 978-1-4443-3785-3

Friedman, Harry J.
No Thanks, I'm Just Looking
Sales Techniques for Turning Shoppers into Buyers
ISBN 978-1-118-15340-6

Lane, Henry W. / Maznevski, Martha
International Management Behavior
Global and Sustainable Leadership
ISBN 978-1-118-52737-5

Langwost, Ralf
How to catch the Big Idea
Die Strategien der Top-Kreativen
ISBN 978-3-89578-237-4

Png, Ivan / Lehman, Dale / Cheng, Joy
Study Guide to Accompany Managerial Economics
ISBN 978-1-4051-8159-4

Collins, Denis
Essentials of Business Ethics
Creating an Organization of High Integrity and Superior Performance
ISBN 978-0-470-44256-2

The Open Learning Foundation
Managing Finance and Information
An Active Learning Approach
ISBN 978-0-631-19668-6

Sapienza, Alice M.
Managing Scientists
Leadership Strategies in Scientific Research
ISBN 978-0-471-22614-7

Kotabe, Masaaki (Mike) / Helsen, Kristiaan
International Marketing
International Student Version
ISBN 978-1-118-83028-4

Koperski, Jeffrey
The Physics of Theism
God, Physics, and the Philosophy of Science
ISBN 978-1-118-93281-0

Cummings, Stephen / Angwin, Duncan
Strategy Builder
How to create and communicate more effective strategies
ISBN 978-1-118-70723-4

Makansi, Jason
Lights Out
The Electricity Crisis, the Global Economy, and What It Means To You
ISBN 978-0-470-10918-2

Schaeffer, Mary S.
Essentials of Accounts Payable
ISBN 978-0-471-20308-7

Drucker, David J. / Bruckenstein, Joel P.
Technology Tools for Today's High-Margin Practice
How Client-Centered Financial Advisors Can Cut Paperwork, Overhead, and Wasted Hours
ISBN 978-1-118-43476-5

Jennings, Gayle
Tourism Research
ISBN 978-1-74216-460-1

Benner, Chris
Work in the New Economy
Flexible Labor Markets in Silicon Valley
ISBN 978-0-631-23249-0




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