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Related books
Greenwald, Bruce C. N. / Kahn, Judd
n. the irrational fear that someone in China will take your job
ISBN 978-0-470-63243-7

Handley, Ann / Chapman, C. C.
Content Rules
How to Create Killer Blogs, Podcasts, Videos, Ebooks, Webinars (and More) That Engage Customers and Ignite Your Business
ISBN 978-1-118-23260-6

Merrow, Edward W.
Industrial Megaprojects
Concepts, Strategies, and Practices for Success
ISBN 978-0-470-93882-9

Harkins, Phil / Hollihan, Keith
Everybody Wins
Vom Start-up zum Global Player: Das Erfolgsgeheimnis von RE/MAX
ISBN 978-3-527-50325-4

Lavin, Frank / Cohan, Peter
Export Now
Five Keys to Entering New Markets
ISBN 978-0-470-82816-8

Rhoads, Russell
Candlestick Charting For Dummies
ISBN 978-0-470-17808-9

Rosenberg, Alex / Arp, Robert (eds.)
Philosophy of Biology
An Anthology
ISBN 978-1-4051-8317-8

Sobel, Andrew / Panas, Jerold
Power Questions
Build Relationships, Win New Business, and Influence Others
ISBN 978-1-118-11963-1

Lange, Marc (ed.)
Philosophy of Science
An Anthology
ISBN 978-1-4051-3033-2

Bowie, Norman E. / Werhane, Patricia H.
Management Ethics
ISBN 978-0-631-21472-4

Feld, Brad
Startup Communities
Building an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Your City
ISBN 978-1-118-44154-1

Libert, Barry
Social Nation
How to Harness the Power of Social Media to Attract Customers, Motivate Employees, and Grow Your Business
ISBN 978-0-470-59926-6

Evans, Michael K.
Macroeconomics for Managers
ISBN 978-1-4051-0144-8

Hartley, Robert F.
Business Ethics
Mistakes and Successes
ISBN 978-0-471-66373-7

Jorian, Philippe / Khoury, Sarkis Joseph
Financial Risk Management
Domestic and International Dimensions
ISBN 978-1-55786-591-5

Williams, David S.
Connected CRM
Implementing a Data-Driven, Customer-Centric Business Strategy
ISBN 978-1-118-83580-7

Zinkin, John
Rebuilding Trust in Banks
The Role of Leadership and Governance
ISBN 978-1-118-55038-0

Keating, Barry P. / Keating, Maryann O.
Microeconomics for Public Managers
ISBN 978-1-4051-2543-7

Sarkar, Sahotra / Plutynski, Anya
A Companion to the Philosophy of Biology
ISBN 978-1-4051-2572-7

Kolb, Robert (ed.)
The Ethics of Genetic Commerce
ISBN 978-1-4051-6698-0

Piasecki, Bruce
Doing More with Less
The New Way to Wealth
ISBN 978-1-118-17215-5

Chritton, Susan
Personal Branding For Dummies
ISBN 978-1-118-11792-7

Tsoukas, Haridimos / Shepherd, Jill (eds.)
Managing the Future
Foresight in the Knowledge Economy
ISBN 978-1-4051-1615-2

Holden, Reed / Burton, Mark
Pricing with Confidence
10 Ways to Stop Leaving Money on the Table
ISBN 978-0-470-19757-8

Oppenheimer, Jerry
Madoff with the Money
ISBN 978-0-470-62459-3




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