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Armitage, John
Virilio Now
Current Perspectives in Virilio Studies

1. Edition July 2011
73.90 Euro
2011. 232 Pages, Hardcover
ISBN 978-0-7456-4877-4 - John Wiley & Sons

Also available as Softcover.

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Detailed description
Since the publication in 1975 of Paul Virilio's BunkerArcheology, the range of Virilio's critical works and theirimpact is now clear within a variety of subjects. Makingastonishing interventions into art and architecture, geography,cultural studies, media, literature, aesthetics, and sociology, themomentous implications of which have yet to be entirely understood,Virilio is the cultural theorist for our troubled twenty-firstcentury.

Responding to this growing interdisciplinary interest,Virilio Now: Current Perspectives in Virilio Studiescomprises Sean Cubitt's critical overview of Virilio's oeuvre, animportant newly translated text by Virilio interrogating the impactof contemporary art, and eight other major original essays by notedscholars on the wide scope of Virilio's writings, inclusive of AdamSharr on Virilio and the architect Peter Zumthor's Bruder Klauschapel, and Nigel Thrift's crucial assessment of Virilio's Cityof Panic. Substantial coverage of Virilio's essential textssuch as The Information Bomb is presented alongside hishypermodern conjectures on television and speed, globalization,media, and representation. Navigating Virilio's 'accident of art',the 'aesthetics of disappearance', and widespread culturaldevastation, additional essays bring together considerations offinancial adversity, war, calamity, and the apocalypse. Dazzlingyet perceptive, these texts on the 'post-nuclear imagination',terror, and dread are simultaneously creative and theoreticalextrapolations from Virilio's 'scenic imagination' and companionessays to his most contemporary, highly original, and powerfulbooks such as The Original Accident and The University ofDisaster. Clearly introduced by the editor, Virilio Nowis the preeminent single-volume on Virilio's work and worldavailable today.

From the contents
Notes on Contributors
1 Paul Virilio: A Critical Overview
John Armitage
2 The Third War: Cities, Conflict, and Contemporary Art: Interview with Paul Virilio
John Armitage
3 Burning Bruder Klaus: Towards an Architecture of Slipstream Adam Sharr
4 Vector Politics and the Aesthetics of Disappearance
Sean Cubitt
5 Virilio's Media as Philosophy
Scott McQuire
6 Empathetic Vision: Aesthetics of Power and Loss
Elin O'Hara Slavick
7 Panicsville: Paul Virilio and the Esthetic of Disaster
Nigel Thrift
8 Three Theses on Virilio Now
Arthur Kroker
9 The Accident of Finance
Paul Crosthwaite
10 Virilio and Visual Culture: On the American Apocalyptic Sublime
Joy Garnett and John Armitage
11 Impact Studies
Paul Virilio



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