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Johnson, Eric A. / Salvatore, Ricardo / Spierenburg, Pieter (eds.)
Murder and Violence in Modern Latin America
Bulletin of Latin American Research Book Series

1. Edition December 2013
26.90 Euro
2013. 328 Pages, Softcover
- Wiley & Sons Ltd -
ISBN 978-1-118-65735-5 - John Wiley & Sons

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Short description
This is a thorough assessment of the gripping yet gruesome topic of Latin American violence. Written by leading scholars from the Americas and Europe, this is the most comprehensive study of the subject to date and it focuses specifically on state-supported murder and violence. The essays cover topics such as "the disappeared," the rise of drug cartels and narco-violence, physical violence against wives, the judging and sentencing of violent crimes, genocide, and state terrorism.

From the contents

Introduction: Murder and Violence in Modern Latin America (Eric A. Johnson, Ricardo D. Salvatore and Pieter Spierenburg)
1. War, Violence and Homicide in Modern Mexico (Alan Knight)

2. Physical Violence against Wives and the Law in the Spanish American World, 1820s - 2000s (Victor M. Uribe-Urán)

3. Judging Violent Crimes: Patterns of Sentencing in Modern Argentina, 1878-1948 (Ricardo D. Salvatore)

4. Homicide as Politics in Modern Mexico (Pablo A. Piccato)

5. La Violencia in Colombia, Through Stories of the Body (Cristina Rojas and Daniel Tubb)

6. Genocide and State Terrorism in Guatemala, 1954-1996: An Interpretation (Carlos Figueroa Ibarra)

7. The Narrative of the Disappearances in Argentina: The Nunca Más Report (Emilio Crenzel)

8. Punishment and Extermination: The Massacre of Political Prisoners in Lima, Peru, June 1986 (Carlos Aguirre)

9. Gang Violence and Insecurity in Contemporary Central America (Orlando J. Pérez)

Conclusion: Violence and 'the Civilising Process' in Modern Latin America (Ricardo D. Salvatore)






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