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Smirnov, Boris M.
Plasma Processes and Plasma Kinetics
580 Worked-Out Problems for Science and Technology

1. Edition February 2007
119.- Euro
2007. IX, 573 Pages, Softcover
91 Fig., 31 Tab. 
- Textbook -
ISBN 978-3-527-40681-4 - Wiley-VCH, Berlin

Short description
Written by a renowned plasma researcher and skilled teacher, this is the only problems supplement to standard plasma textbooks. It details the all important aspects with no fewer than 580 worked-out problems for a sound understanding of plasma theory in all plasma fields.

From the contents
1 Distributions and Equilibria for Particle Ensembles2 Elementary Processes in Plasma3 Slow Atomic Collisions4 Collisions Involving Electrons5 Elementary Radiative Processes in Excited Gases6 Boltzmann Kinetic Equation7 Transport and Kinetics of Electrons in Gases in External Fields8 Transport of Ions and Atoms in Gases and Plasmas9 Kinetics and Radiative Transport of Excitations in Gases10 Processes in Photoresonant Plasma11 Waves in Plasma and Electron Beams12 Relaxation Processes and Processes with Strong Interaction in Plasma13 Cluster Plasma14 Aeronomy Processes15 Gas Discharge Plasmas16 Appendices



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