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Heber, Jörg / Schlom, Darrell / Tokura, Yoshinori / Waser, Rainer / Wuttig, Matthias (eds.)
Frontiers in Electronic Materials
Correlation Effects, Spintronics, and Memristive Phenomena - Fundamentals and Applications

1. Edition July 2012
179.- Euro
2012. 692 Pages, Softcover
- Monograph -
ISBN 978-3-527-41191-7 - Wiley-VCH, Berlin


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Short description
A collection of extended abstracts from the latest fundamental as well as application-oriented research, as presented at Frontiers in Electronic Materials, a Nature conference on correlation effects and memristive phenomena, held in Aachen in 2012.

From the contents
Electron correlation and unusual quantum effects
Oxide heterostructures and interfaces
Multiferrroics, spintronics, ferroelectrics and flexoelectrics
Memristive phenomena: Phase change materials and nanoionic redox systems
Energy conversion: Superionic conductors, thermoelectrics, photovoltaics
Information technology: Chip architectures and computational concepts
Nanotechnology: Atomic layer deposition, physical layer deposition, novel patterning techniques
Advanced characterization: Spectroscopy, microscopy, scanning probe methods
Theory and Modelling: first principle methods, molecular dynamics, multiscale simulation



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