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Heber, Jörg / Schlom, Darrell / Tokura, Yoshinori / Waser, Rainer / Wuttig, Matthias (eds.)
Frontiers in Electronic Materials
Correlation Effects, Spintronics, and Memristive Phenomena - Fundamentals and Applications

1. Edition July 2012
169.- Euro
2012. 692 Pages, Softcover
- Monograph -
ISBN 978-3-527-41191-7 - Wiley-VCH, Berlin


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Short description
A collection of extended abstracts from the latest fundamental as well as application-oriented research, as presented at Frontiers in Electronic Materials, a Nature conference on correlation effects and memristive phenomena, held in Aachen in 2012.

From the contents
Electron correlation and unusual quantum effectsOxide heterostructures and interfacesMultiferrroics, spintronics, ferroelectrics and flexoelectricsMemristive phenomena: Phase change materials and nanoionic redox systemsEnergy conversion: Superionic conductors, thermoelectrics, photovoltaicsInformation technology: Chip architectures and computational conceptsNanotechnology: Atomic layer deposition, physical layer deposition, novel patterning techniquesAdvanced characterization: Spectroscopy, microscopy, scanning probe methodsTheory and Modelling: first principle methods, molecular dynamics, multiscale simulation



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