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Nobel Prize in Chemistry for 2010 Awarded to Wiley Authors

John Wiley & Sons, Inc., (NYSE:JWa) (NYSE:JWb), is pleased to learn that the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences has awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for 2010 jointly to Professors Richard F. Heck, Ei-ichi Negishi and Akira Suzuki.

Professor Richard F. Heck, of the University of Delaware in Newark, Delaware, USA; Professor Ei-ichi Negishi, of Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana, USA; and Akira Suzuki, of Hokkaido University in Sapporo, Japan, were awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for palladium-catalyzed cross couplings in organic synthesis; all three laureates are published Wiley authors.

"We congratulate the laureates on this recognition of their work, which has helped chemists around the world in research, and within fields as discrete as pharmaceuticals and electronics," said Dr. Jon Walmsley, Vice President & Managing Director, Physical Science. "Throughout the history of the Nobels, Wiley has been proud to publish almost all chemistry laureates from around the world, and this year we are happy to have published work by all the winners."

Professor Negishi has edited three books with Wiley, including the two-volume Handbook of Organopalladium Chemistry for Organic Synthesis, and contributed articles to the books he has edited as well as to the databases e-EROS (Encyclopedia of Reagents for Organic Synthesis) and Organic Syntheses, and to the journals Angewandte Chemie, Advanced Synthesis and Catalysis, European Journal of Organic Chemistry, Chemistry - A European Journal and Heteroatom Chemistry. Professor Heck has written articles for the databases Organic Reactions and Organic Syntheses, as well as writing the foreword for The Mizoroki-Heck Reaction edited by Martin Oestreich, a book exploring the importance of Professor Heck's carbon coupling reactions. Professor Suzuki has written papers for e-EROS, Organic Synthesis, and a chapter in Professor Negishi's book on organopalladium chemistry.

The awarding of this year's Nobel in Chemistry to Professors Heck, Negishi and Suzuki means that Wiley now publishes the works of 150 laureates in Chemistry, out of a total of 159 winners.

A selection of content by the winners, as well as the chapter recommended by the Nobel Foundation for further reading on the topic from the Wiley-VCH book, Metal-Catalyzed Cross-Coupling Reactions, 2nd, Completely Revised and Enlarged Edition, will be freely available for the month of October to celebrate the launch of Wiley's new platform, Wiley Online Library (wileyonlinelibrary.com).

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