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WordPress All-In-One For Dummies

Sabin-Wilson, Lisa


4. Auflage Mai 2019
848 Seiten, Softcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-55315-1
John Wiley & Sons

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Set up your WordPress site today!

WordPress is a state-of-the-art blog publishing platform with a focus on aesthetics, web standards, and usability. The latest version of will be replaced in the fall of 2018 with WordPress 5.0. This will include a major change with the addition of new editor Gutenberg.

Take your WordPress experience to the next level with the information packed inside this All-in-One. From the basics of setting up your account, to choosing a host and theme, to managing content with editor Gutenberg, to keeping your site secure, these 8 books of expert information will help you take the WordPress community by storm.
* Build your site foundation
* Choose a server
* Become a site admin pro
* Learn how to manage content using Gutenberg

Get ready to blog all about it!

Introduction 1

Book 1: WordPress Basics 5

Chapter 1: Exploring Basic WordPress Concepts 7

Chapter 2: Exploring the World of Open-Source Software 19

Chapter 3: Understanding Development and Release Cycles 29

Chapter 4: Meeting the WordPress Community 37

Chapter 5: Discovering Different Versions of WordPress 49

Book 2: Setting Up the WordPress Software 61

Chapter 1: Understanding the System Requirements 63

Chapter 2: Using Secure File Transfer Protocol 73

Chapter 3: Getting to Know PHP and MySQL 85

Chapter 4: Installing WordPress on Your Web Server 95

Chapter 5: Configuring WordPress for Optimum Security 109

Chapter 6: Updating WordPress 127

Chapter 7: Backing Up, Packing Up, and Moving to a New Host 137

Book 3: Exploring the WordPress Dashboard 155

Chapter 1: Logging In and Taking a Look Around 157

Chapter 2: Exploring Tools and Settings 169

Chapter 3: Managing Users and Multiple Authors 201

Chapter 4: Dealing with Comments and Spam 211

Chapter 5: Creating Categories and Tags 225

Book 4: Publishing Your Site with WordPress 237

Chapter 1: Writing Your First Post 239

Chapter 2: Creating a Static Page 277

Chapter 3: Uploading and Displaying Photos and Galleries 287

Chapter 4: Exploring Podcasting and Video Blogging 307

Chapter 5: Working with Custom Fields 323

Chapter 6: Using WordPress as a Content Management System 335

Book 5: Examining SEO and Social Media 355

Chapter 1: Exposing Your Content 357

Chapter 2: Creating a Social Media Listening Hub 377

Chapter 3: Understanding Analytics 389

Chapter 4: Search Engine Optimization 405

Chapter 5: Exploring Popular SEO Plugins 423

Book 6: Customizing the Look of Your Site 433

Chapter 1: Examining the Default Theme: Twenty Nineteen 435

Chapter 2: Finding and Installing WordPress Themes 457

Chapter 3: Exploring the Anatomy of a Theme 475

Chapter 4: Customizing Your Theme 511

Chapter 5: Understanding Parent and Child Themes 535

Chapter 6: Digging into Advanced Theme Development 551

Book 7: Using and Developing Plugins 587

Chapter 1: Introducing WordPress Plugins 589

Chapter 2: Installing and Managing Plugins 607

Chapter 3: Configuring and Using Plugins 621

Chapter 4: Modifying Existing Plugin Code 639

Chapter 5: Creating Simple Plugins from Scratch 647

Chapter 6: Exploring Plugin Development Best Practices 687

Chapter 7: Plugin Tips and Tricks 701

Book 8: Running Multiple Sites with WordPress 719

Chapter 1: An Introduction to Multiple Sites 721

Chapter 2: Setting Up and Configuring Network Features 731

Chapter 3: Becoming a Network Admin 739

Chapter 4: Management of Users and Access Control 759

Chapter 5: Using Network Plugins and Themes 769

Chapter 6: Using Multiple Domains within Your Network 781

Index 799
LisaSabin-Wilson co-owns WebDevStudios, a development company specializing in custom WordPress plugins, themes, and deployments. She's also a popular conference speaker. Find her blog at, and follow @lisasabinwilson on Twitter.