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Pre-Hospital Paediatric Life Support

A Practical Approach to Emergencies

Advanced Life Support Group (ALSG)

Advanced Life Support Group


3. Auflage Oktober 2017
232 Seiten, Softcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-118-33976-3
John Wiley & Sons

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This practical book, written especially for pre-hospital staff, provides all the information needed to deal with children in life threatening situations before arriving at hospital. Complementing the best-selling Advanced Paediatric Life Support, this new edition reflects recent developments in practice, and covers the indispensable knowledge required for paediatric emergency care in the pre-hospital setting.

Fully updated, this manual includes new information to aid both civilian and military personnel, as well as material on all stages of pre-hospital care; from recognition and practical procedures to the important issues of paediatric practice in the field.
* Quick-to-follow algorithms of 'at-the-scene' procedures
* Based upon the protocols that ensure a smooth transfer from pre-hospital to hospital care
* Internationally recognised course training resource

Offering an authoritative guide to the care of the seriously ill or injured child, Pre-Hospital Paediatric Life Support is an essential tool for ambulance staff, general practitioners and community healthcare workers.


Chapter 1 Introduction 1

Chapter 2 Scene management in incidents involving children 11

Chapter 3 Preparation 17

Chapter 4 Assessment and immediate management of the seriously ill or injured child 21

Chapter 5 Immediate management of the seriously ill child 47

Chapter 6 The structured approach to the seriously injured child 87

Chapter 7 Management of cardiac arrest 115

Chapter 8 When a child dies 157

Chapter 9 The non-seriously ill child 161

Chapter 10 The chronically ill child 173

Chapter 11 Safeguarding children 185

Chapter 12 Pain management in children 199

Chapter 13 Paediatric triage 213

Chapter 14 Military 219

Chapter 15 Practical procedures: airway and breathing

Chapter 16 Practical procedures: circulation

Chapter 17 Practical procedures: trauma

Appendix: GWAA Paediatric reference cards
The Advanced Life Support Group (ALSG), Manchester UK, began life in 1990 and became a registered medical education charity in 1993. The organisation exists to "preserve life by providing training and education to the general public and in particular but not exclusively to doctors, nurses and other members of the medical profession, in life saving techniques".
The book is written and edited by Emergency Medicine specialists who are Advanced Life Support Group (ALSG) trainers.

Advanced Life Support Group (ALSG), Manchester, UK