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Investment Management

Meeting the Noble Challenges of Funding Pensions, Deficits, and Growth

Wagner, Wayne H. / Rieves, Ralph A. (Herausgeber)

Wiley Finance Editions


1. Auflage September 2009
480 Seiten, Hardcover

ISBN: 978-0-470-45594-4
John Wiley & Sons

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Timely insights on investment management

This comprehensive guide will help investment managers, fiduciaries, trustees, and regulators face the difficult challenge of funding the retirements of millions of workers and meeting the capital formation needs of businesses at once. The famous contributors to Investment Management describe the theories and practices that endure and challenge investment professionals to reexamine their assumptions, face reality, and focus on their clients. The contributors include top names from investment management companies, consulting firms, professional associations, and academia.

Ralph A. Rieves (Colorado Springs, CO) is the Managing Director of Farragut, Jones and Lawrence. Wayne H. Wagner (Venice, CA) is the lead principle of OMNI, and a founding principle of Wilshire Associates.




Editorial Advisory Board.

Introduction: A Sea of Changes and Waves of Opportunity (Jacqueline Charnley and Christine Røstvold).

PART ONE: The Challenges of Changes and Crises.

Chapter 1 The Discontinuity Challenge (Wayne H. Wagner).

Chapter 2 The Sub-Prime Crisis as a "Predictable Surprise" Strategic Lessons to Be Learned (Keith Ambachtsheer).

Chapter 3 The Solidarity Challenge (David G. Tittsworth, Esq.).

PART TWO: Keeping the Challenges in Perspective.

Chapter 4 The Failure of Invariance (Peter L. Bernstein).

Chapter 5 Inverted Reasoning and Its Consequences (G.C. Seldon).

Chapter 6 Fatal Attractions for Money Managers (Arnold S. Wood).

Chapter 7 Renzo Gracie's Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy (Richard Bookstaber, PhD).

Chapter 8 Managing Outside the Box (Robert A. Jaeger, Ph.D.).

PART THREE: The Challenges Under Transformation.

Chapter 9 The Evolving Challenges of Quantitative Investing (Robert L. Hagin, PhD and Kathleen T. DeRose).

Chapter 10 EMH and the Matter at Hand (Wayne H. Wagner and Ralph A. Rieves).

Chapter 11 The Attribution Challenge (Ron Surz).

Chapter 12 The Academic Challenge An Interview with Professor Stephen Brown on Developments in Modern Finance (Harry Liem).

Chapter 13 The Elusiveness of Investment Skill (Robert A. Jaeger, PhD).

PART FOUR: The Clients' Challenges.

Chapter 14 The Client Challenge --Trustees as Leaders (Fiduciary 360).

Chapter 15 The Kool-Aid(r) Quandary and the Enduring Lure of Outperformance (Edward Siedle, Esq.).

Chapter 16 The ESGI (née SRI) Challenge ("Dove Green").

Chapter 17 The Marketing Challenge (Ron Gold).

Chapter 18 The Selection and Termination of Investment Management Firms by Plan Sponsors (Amit Goyal, PhD and Sunil Wahal, PhD, et al.).

PART FIVE: The Execution Challenges.

Chapter 19 The Market Price Challenge (Francis Gupta, PhD and John A. Prestbo).

Chapter 20 The Sell-Side Challenge (Steve Wunsch).

Chapter 21 The Trading Challenge (Wayne H. Wagner).

Chapter 22: The Settlement Challenge (Steve Webb and Simon Bennett).

PART SIX: The Challenges to Management.

Chapter 23 Investment Belief Systems: A Cultural Perspective (John R. Minahan, CFA).

Chapter 24 Ethical Leadership in the Investment Firm (Jim Ware, CFA, and Jim Dethmer, ThM).

Chapter 25 The Adaptive Leader (Jim Ware, CFA).

Chapter 26 The Staffing Challenge (Monika Müller).

Chapter 27 The "Same Page" Challenge: Communicating Effectively (Jamie Goodrich Ziegler).

Chapter 28 The Data Management Challenge (Don DeLoach).

About the Editors.

About the Contributors.

Wayne H. Wagner is the founding and lead principal of OMNI and a founding principal of Wilshire Associates. He is known for his pioneering work in designing balancing algorithms for the world's first operational index fund, and later developed methods to deal with the hidden delay and opportunity costs of trading. Wagner has authored, coauthored, or edited many books and articles, and is a frequent writer and speaker on investment management and fiduciary duties. He holds two Graham and Dodd Awards from the Financial Analysts Journal for excellence in financial writing.

Ralph A. Rieves is the managing director of Farragut Jones & Lawrence. He was the first editorial director of the Dow Jones-Irwin imprint and was one of the founding editors of the Journal of Investment Consulting. He is a recipient of the book industry's Bowker LMP Award for editorial achievement.