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Equity Asset Valuation, Power Points

Pinto, Jerald E. / Henry, Elaine / Robinson, Thomas R. / Stowe, John D.

The CFA Institute Series


2. Auflage Juni 2021
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ISBN: 978-0-470-90846-4
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A comprehensive look at the equity valuation process

With the Second Edition of Equity Asset Valuation,the distinguished team of Jerald Pinto, Elaine Henry, ThomasRobinson, and John Stowe, fully update information associated withthis important discipline. Blending theory with practice, theydetail the contemporary techniques used to determine the intrinsicvalue of an equity security, and show you how to successfully applythese techniques in both foreign and domestic markets.

Unlike alternative works in this field, the SecondEdition of Equity Asset Valuation clearly integratesfinance and accounting concepts into the discussion-providing theevenness of subject matter treatment, consistency of notation, andcontinuity of topic coverage that is so critical to the learningprocess.
* Addresses essential issues in this arena, including the equityvaluation process, discounted dividend valuation, free cash flowvaluation, and residual income valuation
* Each author brings his own unique experiences and perspectivesto the equity analysis process
* Distills the knowledge, skills, and abilities you need tosucceed in today's fast-paced financial environment
* Companion Workbook also available

Valuable for classroom study, self-study, and general reference,this book contains clear, example-driven coverage of many oftoday's most important valuation issues.