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The Storytelling Hero

Speaking for Powerful Communication

Bewley, Stewart


1. Auflage März 2023
192 Seiten, Softcover

ISBN: 978-0-85708-954-0
John Wiley & Sons

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"Full of practical steps that everyone can use to become a compelling storyteller."
--Steve Pierce, Deputy Managing Director and Chief HR Oficer, Hitachi, Europe

"Raw and actionable, but with a dreamer's heart, 'The Storytelling Hero' helps even the most reluctant presenter find their voice, while Stew Bewley weaves through his own story to help us think carefully about message and motivation, humanity and heroes."
--Aimee Riordan, Senior Communications Manager and reader, writer, storyteller at Microsoft

Make your next speech one to remember

With expert guidance from veteran public speaking coach Stewart Bewley, you'll discover how to gain the confidence needed to become a phenomenal public speaker. Using simple tools and techniques you can apply every time you speak to a group or an individual, The Storytelling Hero will show you how to:
* Eliminate self-limiting beliefs that hold you back
* Find the confidence you need to command a room
* Establish a memorable and impressive presence
* Improve your cadence, rhythm and style
* Connect with your next audience

Transform your ability to communicate your ideas, capture attention, and make a positive impression. The Storytelling Hero shows you how to hold an audience in the palm of your hand, one actionable step at a time.

Prologue xv

Act I The Beginning 1

Scene 1 Storytelling. It's A Powerful Thing 3

My Story 6

Scene 2 Speaking In Short Sentences 12

Present Tense 13

Scene 3 Enter The Gremlin 17

The Storytelling Heroes 21

Act II Leaping Off The Cliff 27

Scene 1 Rewriting The Script 29

'I Am' 30

Scene 2 Using Your Body And Your Voice 34

Breathing 37

Voice 40

Scene 3 Picture, Headline, Detail 46

Picture 48

Headline 52

Detail 56

The Graduation 60

Act III Approaching The Dragon's Lair 67

Scene 1 Listen Out 69

The Superpower of Listening 70

Scene 2 Channelling Your Adrenaline 76

1. Look the Stallion in the Eye 77

2. Make Ridiculous Rules 79

3. Create New Rules 81

Scene 3 Approaching The Dragon: Creating Your Hero's Journey Story 87

Your Hero's Journey 88

Act IV The Road Back 99

Scene 1 Becoming Brilliant At Telling Your Story 101

Advanced Posture Exercises 103

Scene 2 Telling More Stories 106

Scene 3 Presenting In The Business World 110

Act V Resurrection 117

Scene 1 The Hero's Journey With A Twist: Calling Your Audience To Action 119

The Trucking Wise Mentor 120

Scene 2 Rocket Fuel Exercises: Bringing Energy To Your Presentations 126

From Kids' Presenter to Whisperer to New Normal 126

Portals, Pictures and the Curse of Knowledge 127

Scene 3 The Silver Screen: Showing Up On Camera 130

Practice Makes Permanent 133

Scene 4 The Closing Scene: Reflecting On Your Storytelling Skills 137

The New Standard 139

You're Ready 143

Epilogue: Frequently Asked Questions 145

Acknowledgements 157

About the Author 161

Index 163