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McCormac, Jack C. / Sarasua, Wayne A. / Davis, William J.


6. Auflage September 2020
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ISBN: 978-1-118-32422-6
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Surveying Sixth Edition is designed to cover the standardtopics in a basic surveying course in a streamlined manner,meeting the learning needs of today's student. This text providescomprehensive yet concise coverage of the essential skillsnecessary in surveying and civil engineering, such as measurement,distance corrections, leveling, angles, area computation, computercalculations, topographic surveying, electronic distance measuringinstruments, and construction surveying. The text includes photosand diagrams, lists of useful addresses and degree programs,surveying tables, and formulas. New co-authors Wayne A.Sarasua and William J. Davis bring a fresh perspective to thisclassic text. This text is suitable for students in a one-semestercourse at two and four-year colleges taking their first course onsurveying.

Jack C. McCormac is a retired Clemson civil engineering professor named by the Engineering News Record as one of the top 125 engineers or architects in the world in the last 125 years for his contributions to education. McCormac has authored or co-authored seven engineering textbooks, with more than half a million copies now in print. His current books have been adopted at more than 500 universities throughout the world. McCormac holds a BS in civil engineering from the Citadel, an MS in civil engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a Doctor of Letters from Clemson University. Named an Alumni Distinguished Professor, he taught at Clemson for approximately thirty-four years before retiring in 1989. He is included in the International Who's Who in Engineering.

J. C. McCormac, Clemson University; W. A. Sarasua, Clemson University; W. Davis, The Citadel