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Population Genetics

Hamilton, Matthew B.


2. Auflage Februar 2021
496 Seiten, Hardcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-118-43694-3
John Wiley & Sons

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Now updated for its second edition, Population Genetics is the classic, accessible introduction to the concepts of population genetics. Combining traditional conceptual approaches with classical hypotheses and debates, the book equips students to understand a wide array of empirical studies that are based on the first principles of population genetics.

Featuring a highly accessible introduction to coalescent theory, as well as covering the major conceptual advances in population genetics of the last two decades, the second edition now also includes end of chapter problem sets and revised coverage of recombination in the coalescent model, metapopulation extinction and recolonization, and the fixation index.

Preface and acknowledgements

Chapter 1 Thinking like a Population Geneticist

Chapter 2 Genotype Frequencies

Chapter 3 Genetic Drift and Effective Population Size

Chapter 4 Population Structure and Gene Flow

Chapter 5 Mutation

Chapter 6 Fundamentals of Natural Selection

Chapter 7 Further Models of Natural Selection

Chapter 8 Molecular Evolution

Chapter 9 Quantitative trait variation and evolution

Chapter 10 The Mendelian basis of quantitative trait variation


Literature cited

MATTHEW B. HAMILTON, PHD, is Associate Professor of Biology at Georgetown University, where he teaches Population Genetics, Molecular Evolution, Evolutionary Processes, and similar undergraduate and graduate level courses. He is founding Director of Georgetown's Environmental Biology undergraduate major, past Director of the Georgetown Environment Initiative, and currently conducts research on the processes that influence the distribution of genetic variation within species.