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A Companion to Rorty

Malachowski, Alan (Herausgeber)

Blackwell Companions to Philosophy


1. Auflage April 2020
560 Seiten, Hardcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-118-97216-8
John Wiley & Sons

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A groundbreaking reference work on the revolutionary philosophy and intellectual legacy of Richard Rorty

A provocative and often controversial thinker, Richard Rorty and his ideas have been the subject of renewed interest to philosophers working in epistemology, metaphysics, analytic philosophy, and the history of philosophy. Having called for philosophers to abandon representationalist accounts of knowledge and language, Rorty introduced radical and challenging concepts to modern philosophy, generating divisive debate through the new form of American pragmatism which he advocated and the renunciation of traditional epistemology which he espoused.

However, while Rorty has been one of the most widely-discussed figures in modern philosophy, few volumes have dealt directly with the expansive reach of his thought or its implications for the fields of philosophy in which he worked. The Blackwell Companion to Rorty is a collection of essays by prominent scholars which provide close, and long-overdue, examination of Rorty's groundbreaking work. Divided into five parts, this volumecovers the major intellectual movements of Rorty's career from his early work on consciousness and transcendental arguments, to the lasting impacts of his major writings, to his approach to pragmatism and his controversial appropriations from other philosophers, and finally to his later work in culture, politics, and ethics.
* Offers a comprehensive, balanced, and insightful account of Rorty's approach to philosophy
* Provides an assessment of Rorty's more controversial thoughts and his standing as an "anti-philosopher's philosopher"
* Contains new and original exploration of Rorty's thinking from leading scholars and philosophers
* Includes new perspectives on topics such as Rorty's influence in Central Europe

Despite the relevance of Rorty's work for the wider community of philosophers and for those working in fields such as international relations, legal and political theory, sociology, and feminist studies, the secondary literature surrounding Rorty's work and legacy is limited. A Companion to Rorty address this absence, providinga comprehensive resource for philosophers and general readers.

Preface and Acknowledgments viii

Contributors ix

Introduction: Rorty's Approach to Philosophy: Time for Reassessment 1
Alan Malachowski

Prologue 9

1 Reading Rorty: A Sketch of a Plan 11
Danielle Macbeth

Part I Early Developments 25

2 Was Rorty an Eliminative Materialist? 27
William Ramsey

3 Rorty's Philosophy of Consciousness 43
James Tartaglia

4 Rorty and Transcendental Arguments 59
Neil Gascoigne

Part II Texts 79

5 Philosophy and the Mirror of Nature 81
James Tartaglia

6 The Uses of Philosophy after the Collapse of Metaphysics: Ironism and Liberalism in Rorty's Contingency, Irony, and Solidarity 100
Colin Koopman

7 Rhetoric Between Philosophy and Poetry: Rorty as Essayist 119
William M. Curtis

8 Rorty's Inspirational Liberalism 135
Richard J. Bernstein

Part III Themes 147

9 Are Pragmatists About Truth True Democrats? 149
Pascal Engel

10 Richard Rorty and (the End of) Metaphysics (?) 163
David Macarthur

11 Rorty, Pragmatism, and Ethics: The Value of Hope 178
Marjorie C. Miller

12 The Center and Circumference of Knowledge: Rorty on Pragmatism and Romanticism 194
Isaac Nevo

13 Rorty and Analytic Philosophy 211
Gary Gutting

14 Speculative Pragmatism: Richard Rorty and the Hyperboles of Philosophy 229
Paul Trembath

Part IV Appropriations 251

15 Rorty on Hegel on the Mind in History 253
Paul Redding

16 Rorty and the Mirror of Nietzsche 268
Steven Michels

17 The Truth of Being and the History of Philosophy 281
Mark Okrent

18 Rorty's Romantic Polytheism: The Influence of William James 297
Carol Nicholson

19 Inconvenient Conversational Partners: Rorty and Freud 312
Alan Malachowski

20 Rorty and Dewey 335
David L. Hildebrand

21 Common Understanding Without Uncommon Certainty: Rorty's Wittgenstein Revisited 357
Alan Malachowski

22 Rorty, Davidson, and Representation 370
Steven Levine

23 The Rorty-Habermas Debate: A Critical Appraisal 395
Anton A. van Niekerk

Part V Culture, Politics, and Religion 411

24 Rorty and Literature 413
Serge Grigoriev

25 The Contested Marriage of Rorty and Feminism 427
Elizabeth Sperry

26 Rorty and Religion: Beyond the Culture Wars? 444
Molly B. Farneth

27 Rorty's Philosophy of Religion 456
Emil Visnovsk?

28 Rorty and the Intellectual Culture of Central Europe 467
Emil Visnovsk?, Alexander Krémer, and Krzysztof Piotr SkowroDski

29 Rorty and Nihilism 482
Tracy Llanera

30 Rorty's Ethics of Responsibility 490
Christopher J. Voparil

Part VI Coda 505

31 Poetry as (a Kind of) Philosophy: For Richard Rorty 507
Christopher Norris

Internet Resources 528

Index 529
Alan Malachowski is Research Fellow at the Centre for Applied Ethics, Stellenbosch University, South Africa. He has published extensively on both Richard Rorty and Pragmatism and has authored and edited many volumes, including Reading Rorty (Blackwell, 1990).

A. Malachowski, University of East Anglia